Thursday, May 31, 2018

I mentioned the other night that the 30 second talking point on the JFK assassination is that Oswald was framed and innocent, and that he was standing in the doorway at the time of the shots, and we have a photograph of him there. But, what is the 30 second talking point for 9/11? I can give you that one too. It is that:

Over 3000 architects and engineers say that the towers could not have collapsed because of fires, as claimed by NIST, that explosive demolition must have been involved. And, there is no corresponding group of architects and engineers who claim that the towers did collapse from fires. 

Why is that the best talking point for 9/11? It's because architects and engineers are highly educated and scientifically trained people, and their statement is based upon their scientific training. And, it is a huge number of them.  

Just today, an MSNBC reporter by the name of Joy Reid is under fire because of years-old blogs endorsing 9/11 truth. Specifically, she had praised the documentary movie Loose Change. So far, I don't believe Joy has responded to this, but it would be refreshing and exhilarating if she responded with:

"That's right. I and over 3000 architects and engineers do not believe the government's story about 9/11."

You've got an army behind you, Joy. So, use them. 

But, is Joy going to do it? I  don't know, but what's the alternative? To make an obsequious retraction? To bow at the feet of Leviathan? How is that going to help her credibility? I don't see any good coming out of that for her. I don't see anyone having respect for her after that. And let's get something crystal clear here: we are not talking about a racist tweet. The fact is that Joy has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to apologize for. And if she were to apologize, it would just be a capitulation. Who wants to see that in a reporter? 

Stand up to them, Joy. Oh, please do. 

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