Monday, May 7, 2018

I lifted this directly from the David Wolper film, Four Days in November, and it's because I wanted you to notice how small Lovelady is.

Look how little he looks compared to the other men. He does look tiny, doesn't he? But, at the time, Lovelady was 5'8" 170 pounds. And that's a hefty amount of weight for a guy who was 5'8". I'm going by the FBI report of February 29 (several months later) in which it states that Lovlady's weight was 170 pounds. And at the 1984 mock trial, Frazier was asked to compare Lovelady and Oswald physically, and he said that Lovelady was "stocky." How stocky does that guy look? All of this is explained by the fact that that guy was inserted into the image. He wasn't there. Nobody was at that desk. It didn't even make sense. It really wasn't a desk as much as it was a supply table. And it was right in the lane of traffic. They would not have had a chair there. This is fake. NEVER in his life did Lovelady claim to be there. NEVER did his chatty wife Patricia ever say he was there. Twice, in his official questioning, Lovelady said that the last time he saw Oswald on 11/22/63 was when they broke for lunch. Of course, I think that was a lie. I think he saw him in the doorway. But, the point is that he never ever said anything about having seen Oswald at the Dallas PD. 

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