Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How stupid is it to give a guy ridiculously thick and swervy eyebrows and then decide, "It looks stupid, but if I do the same thing to his father, the rubes will buy it." 

It's a case of the stupid playing the stupid. And it is Bart Kamp's collage. Why did he include a picture of James Bookhout's father? He showed images of a lot of JFK law enforcement guys, but he didn't show anybody else's father: only Bookhout's. So, why Bookhout's? It was because of the ridiculous eyebrows. It was a Benjamin Braddock thing. "Look at Elaine. Drinking a glass of water. Elaine isn't screaming. Elaine is calm. There's no need to call the cops, Mr. McCreery." 

So, you think James Bookhout really had eyebrows like this, do you?

Alright then, look at this: 
No swerve to the eyebrows, right? So, that settles it, doesn't it? Not to mention that the short, upturned, piglet nose is no match to Bookhout either. There aren't too many adult males with a nose like that. Maybe when they were 3 years old, but noses, like every other part of the body, tend to mature- except on this guy. 

So, what reason is there to think that this is James Bookhout?

And, you want to compare fathers and sons? Here's Bookhout's son:

Who can fix my broken bike?
Whose strong hands can hold me tight?
When I need someone to make things right,
It’s my dear old Dad.

Who does things that help me grow?
Who shows me so I will know?
When I need someone to catch or throw,
It’s my dear old Dad.

Who helps me know right from wrong?
Who works hard all day long?
When I need someone to sing along,
It’s my dear old Dad.

At night before I go to sleep,
I thank the stars for giving me,
The greatest man in history,
It’s my dear old Dad.
It’s my dear old Dad.
It’s my dear old Dad.

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