Wednesday, May 9, 2018

In The Devil's Chessboard, David Talbot explained how the JFK assassination plot was born in the anti-Castro movement, and among those who were directly involved in trying to assassinate Castro. Someone must have gotten the idea, "If we kill Kennedy, then we can pin it on Castro, and then we can go in and get him the old-fashioned way, with guns ablazing. We won't have to bother with trying to poison him, or turn his inner circle against him, or send in mistresses to kill him in his sleep." 

And, the ones having that conversation were Bill Harvey, David Sanchez Morales, and David Atlee Phillips, according to Talbot. 

Then, they took the idea to Allen Dulles, and what did he do? Well, Dulles was a smart guy, so he did the logical thing: he took it to Lyndon Johnson. There was no point in killing Kennedy unless you had his successor on board. If his successor was NOT on board, then he could order an honest investigation, and then you go to the electric chair. Not wanting to go to the electric chair, Dulles recruited Johnson. 

And Johnson didn't require much recruiting. He was in so much trouble with the Bobby Baker scandal and his other scandals, that he was dancing on the threshold of prison. 

Now, you have to remember: Johnson was going to become the most powerful man in the world. And therefore, as time passed, the closer it got to the assassination, the more Johnson gained power- even among the conspirators. And I suspect it was Johnson who told them, "Forget about invading Cuba. That ain't goina happen. We're just killing Kennedy. And that's it." 

So, the plot went from Oswald being an agent of Castro, justifying an invasion of Cuba to Oswald being a lone-nut, with no involvement or foreknowledge of anyone else- just him. 

There is no doubt that the assassination plot made that pendulum swing. There is no doubt that they originally intended to implicate Castro. How do I know that? Because of the phony trip to Mexico City. What did they need that for if Oswald was going to be a lone nut? How was it worth to go to all that trouble to feign a trip to Mexico City by Oswald, replete with phony bus rides, phony hotel registrations, phony dinners at diners, phony attendance at bull fights, a phony torrid affair between him and Sylvia Duran, etc.?  You realize that the official story became that Oswald was just sitting in the domino room eating lunch and then flipping through the newspaper when he saw Kennedy's motorcade route and decided to kill him, and that was two days before the assassination. Prior to that, he never gave any thought to killing Kennedy (according to their script) And why should he have? Don't people have to have an opportunity before they contemplate doing something? Why would he give any thought to killing Kennedy if he had no opportunity to do so? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't. It was only when he saw the motorcade route that he had his first thought about killing Kennedy- and that is the official story.

So, what did they get out of the phony trip to Mexico City? Establishing that Oswald was seeking to return to Russia or go to Cuba? But, that was worth nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is no connection between that and the assassination. They didn't need that to establish that he was a gung-ho communist. Was it really worth to go to all that trouble just for that? 

No, it wasn't worth it. Originally, the idea was going to be that Oswald colluded with the Cubans to kill Kennedy. But, Johnson said no. He said leave the Cubans out of it. So, then it became lone nuttery. But, they had already launched the phony trip to Mexico City campaign, and it was too late to call it back. So, they just made it that he just went there to see about traveling to those places, and that's it. 

There's no reason to doubt it. Oswald, when asked, immediately said that he never went to Mexico City. After he was dead, they finagled the narrative that he reversed himself at the final interrogation- but you'd have to be complete idiot to believe it. 

OSWALD WAS BEING ACCUSED OF KILLING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES AND A POLICE  OFFICER, SO WHY, IN THE NAME OF THE BLESSED, HOLY, AND IMMACULATE VIRGIN MARY, WOULD HE LIE ABOUT MAKING A HARMLESS TRIP TO MEXICO?????? He wouldn't. He couldn't. He didn't. And if you can't see that, then you just stay the Hell away from me, because I am no mood for your stupidity.  

So, there was a pendulum swing. First, Oswald was going to be an instrument of Castro. But then, by order of Johnson, it became that Oswald was a lone nut who neither colluded with nor informed anyone. 

So, what was Oswald's motive, supposedly? This was always a very weak spot in the script. He never, in his life, spoke a negative or critical word about John F. Kennedy. Marina said that he stood up for and defended Kennedy to her Russian relatives. It was reported that Oswald read James Bond novels because Kennedy liked them. And Oswald checked out Kennedy's Profiles in Courage from the library. There is absolutely nothing in the evidence pile to support the claim that Oswald had anything against Kennedy. 

Vincent Bugliosi got around that by claiming that Oswald hated America. But anybody can say anything. Where's the evidence? As late as August 1963, Oswald was on the radio, and he criticized U.S. policy towards Cuba, but he never expressed, directly or indirectly, anything that could be construed as a hatred of America. 

A more popular motive given to Oswald is that he felt that he was a dismal failure in life and that killing Kennedy was going to give him a way to make a mark on the world; to change history; and to become famous and recognized for something. 

Well first of all, the world is full of dismal failures: is it not? And the vast majority of them don't go anywhere near the idea of killing anybody to remedy their status as a dismal failure. But, what are we really talking about? It's true that Oswald had a very shabby job for very low pay, and at the age of 24, he wasn't exactly going places. However, success and failure in life doesn't revolve entirely around money and job success. He had a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. They weren't living with him at the moment, but he was working on that. The very night before the assassination, he implored Marina to move back in with him. She said no, that she wasn't ready yet, but she didn't say never. And when he visited her, he stayed over and slept with her. So, she was still his wife. It's not as though there was any other man in her life. And if Oswald was really suffering from self-loathing from being a failure, it's far more likely that he would hurt himself than anyone else. 

But, I don't accept the idea that Oswald had a low opinion of himself. First , he was bright guy, and I think he knew that he was bright- brighter than a lot of other people. Listen to his debate on the radio. Listen to how well he expressed himself. This was a guy with a 8th grade education, and I would tell you that there are plenty of college graduates today that could not speak so eloquently and spontaneously as he did.

This idea that Oswald killed Kennedy because he was bitter about being a failure is completely and totally unfounded, and there is not one speck of evidence for it. 

And finally, the motive that is often given to explain Oswald's killing Kennedy is that he was simply a pathological killer, that he was deranged, psychotic, and homicidally psychotic. And the evidence for that, supposedly, is that he tried to kill Walker (he didn't, and there is not a speck of evidence) and he was going to kill Nixon, (who wasn't even in town) save for Marina locking him in the bathroom (except that when someone pointed out to her that one can't lock someone in a bathroom because they can undo the lock manually from the inside, she changed it to her keeping the door closed manually with her brute strength.)  

It's all so farcical. And it is going to collapse. The story, the lie, and all the pretenses, it's all going to collapse in a revelation of truth that is going to leave a lot of people scrambling. What's the government going to say? What is the media going to say? After more than half a century of lies?  JFK truth is going to shake up everything- the foundations. And, I say: the sooner it happens the better. 

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