Monday, May 21, 2018


In that NBC footage for the 50th of Oswald arriving at Parkland, shown to me by Amy Joyce, it doesn't show Oswald at all. And, that is quite amazing, don't you think? That a media photographer went there to film Oswald's arrival and never imaged him? I say it's astounding. And I don't think that's what happened. I think they didn't want to show us Oswald. They were determined not to show him. So why? That's the $64,000 question. They could have showed us this, but they didn't. And do you know what that makes me think? That there is something wrong with this. 

Well, I have got to say that it appears to be his face. I don't see any deal-breakers.  

But, look what he's doing. He's got his elbow bent, his arm externally rotated, or you could say supinated, and his hand is way up.

 But, look at his position when they were loading him.
And before that, it was like this:
So, you  see that right arm crossing his chest? That's the arm that is elevated in the Parkland image. 

I have said for a long time that I don't think his right arm was doing what we see there. Who would put the weight of an arm right on top of an abdomen which has internal bleeding? You'd have to be nuts to do that. 

Can't you see that that right hand looks fake? Look how plastic it looks. Look how different the coloring of that hand is compared to the other hand on the ground. Look how much larger it is. And look how depressed the blanket looks on the right side.  It's like there is a well there. What would cause that? And, why would they want to put that hand over the entrance wound? It must be because they didn't want us to see the entrance wound. Why? I could only speculate, and several possibilities come to mind. But regardless, I think Oswald's right arm was alongside his body on that stretcher. But, even if you think they were stupid enough to put it across his chest, how did it wind up supinated above his head?

You would have to think that Oswald did that, himself, right? But, how could he? He was unconscious in the jail office, and he was not moving at all. No one said he twitched a muscle never mind moved like that. And a doctor, Dr. Fred Bieberdorf, examined him and thought he was dead. That was his professional opinion. Now, whatever condition Oswald was in in the jail office, it could only have gotten worse afterwards during the ride to Parkland. Blood was flowing out of his arteries and pooling in his abdominal cavity. With each passing second, he was losing more and more blood. There is absolutely NOTHING that could have reversed that. The idea that he appeared dead to Dr. Bieberdorf in the jail office and then went to moving around in the ambulance is preposterous. Oswald could not have done that movement. So, did somebody take his arm and move it up there? But, why would they do that?

Wait. Look at his face. Look how mask-like it is. There is a color change at the top of his head marked by a straight line. 
Do you see how  mask-like that is? Look at the junction of his forehead and his hairline. It looks like he is wearing a mask. 
Again, look at the sharp linear demarcation at the junction of his forehead and his hairline. And look how weird his hair looks. You can't tell me that Oswald's hair looked like that. Let's rotate it 90 degrees:

Before anyone blames Youtube, I'll point out that his is the only image that does that, becomes masklike. And yes, I know he was the only dead guy there, but look at the difference in coloring between his face and his hand. If he was drained of blood, wouldn't every part of him be pale? His hand doesn't look pale. His ear doesn't look pale either. 

This is just a working hypothesis, not a declaration, but what if that isn't Oswald? What if that is a photographic mask of Oswald's face put over the face of another man?   

One thing is for sure absolute sure: considering the condition that Oswald was in in the jail office, it is impossible for him to have moved his arm to that other position himself. He was in dire straits in the jail office and couldn't do it, and he could only have gotten worse as time passed. He was spiraling downward. Nothing can explain his sudden ability to lift his arm. His aorta got shot. Do you understand what that means? 

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