Thursday, May 24, 2018

This is Michael Hardin, the ambulance driver. Where's his assistant, Harold Wolfe? How is it that Wolfe disappeared? We saw him extracting Oswald's stretcher from the ambulance and start to push it, but that's the last we saw of him. 

So, Hardin is outside the hospital, and he's removing the soiled sheets from the stretcher. But note that there was no blood visible. But, why is he removing the sheets? He worked for the ONeal Funeral Home. It was their ambulance. They are the ones who provisioned it. And they undoubtedly were the ones who washed the sheets. So, why remove the sheets at the hospital?

Now, here he is putting fresh sheets on the bed, but where did he get them? He was at the hospital, but he didn't work for the hospital, and it wasn't a hospital stretcher. 

And why was it necessary to re-sheet the stretcher? Was he going somewhere to pick up another trauma victim?  How? This was 1963 and there were no cell phones. 

By the way, Hardin also specified the seating arrangement in the ambulance, and the way he put it was that there were 2 or 3 detectives in the back with Oswald (there were 2) then the doctor in the middle compartment (true) and then he and Harold in the front seat. 

Look, you just have to watch the video to see that it was Leavelle and Dhority who exited the back of the ambulance, while Graves was already on the ground. 

So, they opened the tailgate, and first Leavelle got it, whom you see above, and then Dhority got out, but Graves was already on the ground. That's him on the far right. He did not get out of that ambulance. He is the one who drove the squad car which followed the ambulance from the PD but led it upon its arrival at Parkland.

So, if we go back to what Michael Hardin told the Warren Commission, it was only 2 detectives in back: Leavelle and Dhority.  This was the arrangement in the ambulance.

So, in this strange clip of Hardin, we have the absence of his partner, Harold Wolfe. We have the lack of any blood. We have him stripping the sheet from the stretcher, and then, somehow, having a fresh sheet to put on it. And none of it makes a lick of sense. 

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