Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Angel Eyes was written in 1946 by Matt Dennis and Earl Brent, and it tells a story. The story is that this guy is throwing a party, but his girlfriend doesn't show up for it, and he starts thinking that she's through with him. And it puts him in a real down mood- he is in the dumps. Yet, he's got all these people in his house, and he's the host; he's got to show them a good time. So, he goes out there to meet and greet and put on a happy face, but his heart ain't in it- he is putting on an act. And then when he slips away again, the mask comes off, and he goes back to being down. And the music reflects all that, going from dark and brooding, to upbeat, and then back down again. Then, Paul and I added a blues progression in D minor, and the result is that this is an unusual version of a very unusual song. Ella Fitzgerald called it her favorite song. And Frank Sinatra used to end all his concerts with it because the final lyric is, "Excuse me while I disappear." So, he would sing that line and then walk off the stage. 


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