Thursday, May 31, 2018

This is weird. When Marina was entering the room to view her dead husband's body, her little girl age 1 year and 9 months in tow, you can see how her hair was. But, look how different her hair was when she came out.

That's supposed to be the same day, like 20 minutes apart. On the left, her hair is down in front, practically in her eyes, and on the right, it's pulled back.  And look how high her ponytail is on the right. It's much higher than on the left. On the left, her left ear is completely covered up; the right, her left ear is completely exposed. And before you suggest that she altered her hair at the hospital, don't you dare. Remember who you are dealing with. She was there to view her dead husband's body. Who fiddles with her hair at such a time? And I as pointed out before, her daughter doubled in size.  These are obviously different occasions which they tacked together. What a rotten, miserable thing to do. 

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