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So, you think these two are the same guy, do you?

Do you , or do you not, notice that the guy on the left has a gaunt face, while the guy on the right has a puffy face. So, how did James Bookhout go from gaunt to puffy over 5 years or so? There is this image of young Bookhout in which his face looks a bit puffy:
But, what would that mean? That he went from puffy to gaunt back to puffy?
And what are the chances that an FBI agent had hair that unruly? Did I mention that Bookhout was an FBI agent? That's the F, B, of I. And exactly what his his hair doing there? Which way is it going? Have you ever seen hair as unruly as that? Because I haven't. And I have unruly hair.  And how come the glass of his glasses on his left side (our right) seem to be popping out of the frame? Have you ever seen an image like that before? Because I haven't. 

It's funny how the other guy was built very much like Texas Ranger Bob Crowder, who was also in the picture.

So, if you are going to say that that guy on the right is James Bookhout, then you still have to find Bob Crowder in the picture.
So that leaves the guy on the left in the clipping, by default, having to be Crowder, but look how straight and erect Crowder stood on our left. Do you not understand that their whole posture and bearing are vastly different? And that's not something that changes from one day to the next. It involves very deepseated habits. 

Now, let's consider the providence of this claim, of having, in 2017, found two images of James Bookhout. Prior to this claim, that is, prior to 2017, there were NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination. So, the gaunt guy smoking the pipe, standing in the center of Fritz' office, was the first and only image of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination? 
But, if it was that easy for Jim Murray of Blackstone to capture this broad image of James Bookhout, why aren't there many images of Bookhout from the JFK assassination, when we know that Bookhout followed Oswald around like his shadow? And especially if you accept that James Bookhout wore such a light suit because it was certainly unusual for FBI agents to do that. Notice in the above image that all the others are dressed in dark suits. So, wouldn't an FBI agent in a light suit stand out over and over again?

But, getting back to the providence of it all, Bart Kamp said that he got the above image from NARA, and then Steve Roe found the clipping about the FBI bank robbery exhibit, and that it was Denis Morrissette who declared them both a match to each other and to Bookhout.  

But, I know who Steve Roe is. He is a Brit, and he's very active on the JFK forums. And he stands for Oswald's guilt as the lone gunman and sole perpetrator, in other words, the official story. 

Denis Morrisette is a JFK blogger who doesn't like to espouse too much; he mostly just presents images and audios. But, my impression is that he supports the official story. Put it this way: he is very friendly with people who espouse the official story. 

Bart Kamp is a Prayermanite, meaning that he's a member of Greg Parker's group of idiots. And he is also a member of Dealey Plaza UK, but note that there are OIC members who also belong to Dealey Plaza UK, such as Bernard Wilds and Peter Mellor.  

But, my point is that why would there be collaboration between these three people? Supposedly, Steve Roe and Bart Kamp are at opposite extremes of the JFK spectrum. And you realize that it is an extremely polarized spectrum? Don't Oswald accusers hate Oswald defenders and vice versa? You might think that "hate" is a strong word, but this is the JFK assassination we're talking about. It is the JFK debate we are talking about. So no; hate is NOT too strong a word. And when you see collaboration between guys from opposite sides of the spectrum, it's concerning; it doesn't wash.  It doesn't make sense. That's because: this is the JFK assassination we are talking about. 

And who declared Denis Morrissette an expert? This was his prior pick for James Bookhout, which he published on his website about JFK law enforcement officers:

But, Denis has since removed the image on the right, and replaced it with the 2017 images, and is just declaring them to be Bookhout with no discussion, no vetting, no validation, no nothing.

 So, was Jim Murray up on a ladder when he took that? Because: the camera does seem to be looking down into the office. The desk appears awfully low. But, you can't tell me there was a ladder there. So, what was he standing on? Or, did he just hold his camera as high as he could and shoot down? But, why would he do that? Why wouldn't he just shoot straight into the room at eye level? But, the picture really is ridiculous. The pipe smoker is just standing there piping away. But, this is Fritz' office, and it is the day of the JFK assassination. So, how could anyone do that?   Just stand there enjoying a pipe? Every other man in that office is honed in on Fritz, looking at him and listening to him. But, the pipe smoker has his back to Fritz and is ignoring him. He is in his own little world. And you think that's Bookhout? That he would behave like that towards Fritz?

This is a tribute from Denis Morrissette on his JFK Investigators page.  

Thanks to all my friends who helped me on this: Linda Giovanna Zambanini, Steve Roe, Chris Simondet, Fred James, and many others. Special thanks to Robin Unger for his great online JFK assassination photo collection.

So, Denis thanked Steve Roe and referred to him as a friend. I'm not surprised. And, I recognize the name Fred Jones. He's another a rabid attacker of Oswald defenders on Facebook.  Linda Zambanini I recall from back when Education Forum was more than an ember. 

But, what a rotten thing for Denis Morrisette to just declare these images to be Bookhout. He doesn't even couch it as a theory, a speculation. No, he goes all in and full bore, just declaring them to be Bookhout.

Are you sure, Denis? Because, by your own admission, you have been wrong before in your Bookhout calls. AT LEAST TWICE, THAT I KNOW OF, YOU HAD IMAGES UP OF HIM WHICH YOU LATER HAD TO TAKE DOWN. But, this time, you think you've got it right, do you? How certain are you? Would you bet your life that those are images of Bookhout? Because I would bet my life that this is an image of him:

And it's ironic how I got to this image. On the Education Forum, someone bemoaned the fact that there were no images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, none. And why should that be?, he asked. And then, some guy, and I forget who, put the link up to the above video clip, and said to go there because you'll see Oswald talking to Bookhout in the hall. Well, this short guy is the only guy Oswald talks to in the hall. I wish I could remember the man who referred me to this. I can't find the page any more. None of my searches take me to it. What I remember is that he was an older guy, and he was a long-established member of the Education Forum. 

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