Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Think for a minute. In 2013, NBC, for the 50th, showed a video of Oswald arriving at Parkland Hospital, except: OSWALD WASN'T IN IT.  How could they do that? Isn't journalism and media all about showing images rather than not showing them? 

As soon as I realized that they went to an elaborate effort NOT to show Oswald, I began thinking that there must be something wrong with the image of Oswald that we have. 

But, when I looked it at and compared it to other images of Oswald, it seemed to match in terms of the features. But then, when I considered the photographic quality, I realized that it looks like a manipulated image.

First, note that that is NOT Oswald's hair. His hair was not that thick. He had more receding than that. And his hair didn't stick up like that. That guy has got a Fonzerelli thing going. But, the worst thing is the sharp line of demarcation between his hairline and his forehead. It's like he's wearing a mask. 

So, that isn't Oswald, but now the question is: what is the back story here?  Did they actually deliver another guy to Parkland? 

Consider that there is NO DOUBT that the ambulance left the Dallas PD without an escort car but with a trailing car. Yet, somehow, the ambulance arrived at Parkland Hospital with an escort and no trailing car. And know, with 1000% certainty, who was driving the escort car. It was Detective LC Graves. And he lied about it. He said he rode in the ambulance, but that's impossible because there was no room for him in the ambulance. We saw how the ambulance got loaded. Oswald was slid in the back on the stretcher. Then two detectives, Leavelle and Dhority, got into the back through the tailgate. Dr. Bieberdorf got into the middle compartment, which he shared with the head of Oswald's casket. There were bucket seats in the back, and the one on the other side was folded down to accommodate Oswald's casket. And then, there was the driver and his helper in front. And that's it. There was no room for L.C. Graves, and he is the guy who went speeding out, in pursuit of the ambulance. 

So, how did Graves get IN FRONT of the ambulance? Did he actually speed his way to the front of it? Why would he do that? Ambulances drive to hospitals all the time without police escorts. And, if you try to tell me that he was just so concerned about Oswald and getting him to the hospital, I might just lose my lunch.  An ambulance has its own siren. And there were two detectives on board. They didn't need a police escort. 

But, there are only two possibilities: either Graves overtook the ambulance and lead the way to the hospital OR they stopped somewhere; did something; and then, when they continued on, Graves went first. Take your choice. It's one or the other.

But, who did they deliver to Parkland Hospital? It must have been Oswald, right? Had to be because his wife and his mother were brought there to gaze at his body. So, what does it all mean? What it all means, in my opinion, is that this film which shows Oswald was a re-enactment. They did it afterwards on another day. And they had somebody playing Oswald. And they got the photo- alterers to photographically give him Oswald's face. And I have proof. Iron-clad proof. It turns out that L.C. Graves didn't dress exactly the same. On the day of the re-enactment, he wore a different belt. And he also wore a tie pin, which he didn't wear on the 24th. 

Do you, or do you not, see that he had a tie pin on the right but no tie pin on the left? Do you, or do you not, see that on the left he had  a solid buckle, like a military belt, but on the right, it was standard belt with a hollow buckle? So, he is dressed differently, which means that it had to be two different days. Yet, on the left, he is escorting Oswald during the shooting ruse (Oswald was killed later) and on the right, he is at Parkland Hospital. It's supposed to be the same day: November 24, 1963. But, on the right, it must have been a different day, a later day. And obviously, they HAD to use a surrogate for Oswald then because Oswald was dead. But, as they did so many other times, the photo-alterers came to the rescue.  

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