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This man is very stupid. His name is Bart Kamp.  He is British, and he is an advocate of Oswald in the doorway- as Prayer Man. 

But, he is also, reportedly, the guy who found the image of pipe-smoking Bookhout. And I am curious to know where he claims to have found it. He gave a speech recently, and in it he addressed Bookhout, starting with his joint report with Hosty about the first interrogation, and then his solo report about it after Oswald died. 

And what he does is parse the words. You see: Bart Kamp doesn't think the encounter with Truly and Baker ever happened. So, he takes a sentence from Bookhout's report (and according to him, it's all Bookhout) of Oswald saying that he ate lunch in the first floor lunch room and then went to the 2nd floor to get a Coke to claim that Oswald got his Coke to have with his lunch, and that his Coke drinking occurred BEFORE the assassination, not AFTER.

So, what's wrong with his reasoning? Well, first, you don't anything that Bookhout said as gospel. You're really going to trust James Bookhout to accurately report what Oswald said? You can't trust a word that came out of his mouth. And that is not to say that everything he said was necessarily false. I'm sure he reported some things accurately. But, every single thing he said is suspect, and it has to be carefully determined what parts are true and what parts are false. 

There's good reason to accept that Oswald said he ate his lunch in the first floor lunch room because 1) it was customary for him to eat there- every day 2) multiple people confirmed seeing him eat his lunch there, including on that very day (Jack Dougherty) 3) it was typical for the warehouse workers to eat there and for the office workers to eat upstairs 4) there was a daily newspaper in there which Oswald liked to read. 

So yes, that particular statement has a solid foundation. It's not like Bookhout was going to report nothing accurately. Kamp admits that Bookhout contradicted himself, claiming in his second report, his solo report, written after Oswald died, that Oswald claimed to eat lunch after the assassination. Now, that is physically impossible, and by that I mean that it was temporally impossible, meaning that there was no time. Oswald was in the Texas Theater by 1:07, so how could he possibly have eaten lunch after the assassination, which occurred at 12:30? He couldn't. And he didn't. That was just Bookhout bull-shitting. 

The truth is that Oswald said that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front" during the motorcade, and Bookhout did not want to admit that Oswald said that. So, he took the things that Oswald said and wove them into a different story, a different sequence, where "out with Bill Shelley in front" became the last thing he did, after he left the building for good (though it was impossible because Bill Shelley was not out there then). 

So, Bookhout was just a liar, truly an unscrupulous, unrestrained , and relentless liar, and there is no way a smart person is going to trust him about anything.  

Then, Kamp started showing images of Bookhout, starting with this collage. But, of course, he doesn't get anything quite right. On the left is Bookhout's 1937 SMU yearbook photo, and in the center is his photo from a year or two before. You can see that he looks younger in the center. Oh, what a difference a year makes. On the right is supposed to be his father. But, what Kamp failed to reveal is that these are altered images. Nobody has S-shaped eyebrows. It is an old CIA trick to alter eyebrows to change a person's look. And in this case, they goofily altered the eybrows of his supposed father as well on the right. Remember what I said: NOBODY, as in, no-fucking-body, has eyebrows like that. You hear me? 

 That's not all they did, but it's the most obvious thing they did. It's the thing that jumps out at you. But of course, Bart Kamp missed it.

So then, he puts up the image of pipe-smoking Bookhout, and my interest was in hearing him explain where and how he got it.

Now, anyone who has not read my expose' on this phony image definitely should. Here's the link:


So, what did Bart Kamp say about it? He spoke fast, but what I got from him is that it is "Denis Morrissette's work." But then he added,  "I got this picture from NARA." That refers to the National Archives and Record Administration. 

In other words, the image came from the U.S. Government, the same government that killed Kennedy and has been lying about his murder since the day it happened. 

Kamp said that the picture was taken by Jim Murray who worked for Blackstone, which was a New York City based media company with no office in Dallas. Does the name Jim Murray sound familiar? He's the guy who took the photo with the phony floating hat, a falsified image. And ironically, it was falsified to cover up the face of James Bookhout, who is the man with the notebook that you see below the hat. And not that's not his hat. It can't possibly be his hat, right? He wasn't a Dallas homicide detective, so he could not have been wearing a hat like that. However, he did carry a notebook, and that's because he took notes during the Oswald interrogations, of which he attended all of them. So, that is short James Bookhout, right there, except that the hat is covering his face. 

Let's briefly review the reasons why the image of pipe-smoking Bookhout can't possibly be real.

1. There is no evidence that James Bookhout smoked a pipe. He lived a long life, into his 90s, which means he probably didn't. But, even if he did, the likelihood that he would go through the process of packing a pipe with tobacco and lighting it in Fritz' office on the day of the JFK assassination is zero. It has no plausibility, and there is no reason to give it any credence.

2. Bookhout was keenly connected to Fritz and tuned into him, and the idea that Bookhout would have been ignoring what Fritz was saying is zero. 

3. There is no one reacting to the pipe-smoker's presence, and the man seated seems to be looking right through him to look at Fritz. Odds are very great that the pipe-smoker was put into the photo. 

Then, Kamp claimed to vet the image of the pipe-smoker as Bookhout on the basis of this other photo. Actually, he credited Denis Morrissette with making the leap. 

The man closest to the center and to the exhibit, whom Kamp claims is Bookhout, is Texas Ranger Bob Crowder. It is not James Bookhout, and there is also no reason to think it is the pipe-smoker. 

And that was the end of Kamp's coverage of James Bookhout, which he got all wrong.  But, I don't think anyone in his small audience picked up on the fact that he was completely full of shit. 
Here again is the link to it, but I'm not listening to any more of it. 
Life is too short to waste it listening to morons like Bart Kamp. 


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