Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Do you realize that, officially, there are no images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, even though he followed Oswald around like his shadow? But, a few months ago, a group of liars came up with a long-lost photo which they claimed shows Bookhout smoking a pipe in Fritz' office. A pipe! You know about pipes? The thing which you have to take out a pouch of tobacco and pack the loose tobacco into it? Here's a description:

 "Start by gravity-feeding the pipe to overflowing (sprinkle loose tobacco into the chamber until it mounds up over the top). Next, press the tobacco down until it’s compressed down to about the halfway point. Repeat the gravity-feed and pack the tobacco down to the 2/3rds to 3/4 level. Repeat the gravity-feed and pack the tobacco down until it’s just below the rim of the chamber. At this point, take a draw on the stem. If the draw has a similar resistance to sucking soda through a straw, you’ve done it properly. If it feels like an empty straw, you’ve packed too loosely; if it’s like a thick shake, it’s packed too tight." 

"Circulate a soft flame (match or non-torch type lighter) around the top of the tobacco, while using a firm, steady puff. The tobacco will rise up during this initial lighting (called the charring light). Tamp the tobacco and relight. The pipe should stay lit with minimal effort. When the draw loosens up (and it will), lightly tamp to keep the pipe going."

So, you think James Bookhout did THAT in Will Fritz' office? On the day John Kennedy was killed? Nobody would do that. This picture is fake. Why'd they give him the pipe? Probably because he's just standing there doing nothing (they put him into the picture) and the pipe-smoking gives him something to do. If he was just standing there doing nothing, he'd be like a statue in the park. So, they gave him a pipe. 

And there are more reasons why this long-lost photo of James Bookhout is most certainly fake. And I am 100% certain that it was done recently in response to me. So, what we have here is JFK assassination photo fakery done in the year 2017. Do you see what I mean that they are never finished? That it goes on and on and on?

This phony image is a smoking gun. It is a naked admission that I am right; that the Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald was James Bookhout, and Jack Ruby was innocent. 

For the other reasons why this photo has to be fake, please go here:


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