Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Official Theory Survives Due to a Conspiracy of Silence: Our Mission Is to End It
A Message from the AE911Truth Board of Directors
Ending the Conspiracy of Silence
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the weeks, months, and years after 9/11, those of us in the architecture and engineering professions were betrayed by the people and institutions in our field assigned to investigate the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers.

Instead of following the scientific method, these so-called investigators and the entities they represented followed the dictates of the official 9/11 narrative, which suppressed the awful truth that several thousand people had been horrifically murdered by way of explosive demolition, leaving no trace of the bodies of nearly half of these victims.

In the wake of that atrocity and that betrayal arose a conspiracy of silence that has, to this day, prevented countless members of our professions from speaking openly and criticizing the government’s account. 

Rather than participating in this conspiracy of silence, we and 3,000 of our fellow architects and engineers have publicly raised our voices in opposition. But we must educate and mobilize many times that number.

For when enough architects and engineers have been emboldened to join our cause, the institutions that betrayed us will have no choice but to follow our lead in calling for a new investigation. At that point, the public’s unstoppable demand for a new investigation will quickly follow.

By becoming a sustaining member of AE911Truth, you can help us end the conspiracy of silence and bring the truth to people everywhere. And with that truth we will have the power to change the world.

Ralph Cinque: This is very true, and it is also very well written. However, I have reservations about the call for a new investigation. Because: if it's a government investigation, it is only going to generate more of what we've seen. 

Look what happened in the 1970s. The showing of the Zapruder film on television caused a public uproar which led to the formation of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, commonly known as the HSCA. And, the HSCA was every bit as corrupt and dishonest as the Warren Commission. The HSCA shrewdly made sure that they didn't endorse every last tenet of the Warren Report. But, at the end, they preserved Oswald's guilt and the innocence of all persons and entities of government. Instead, they vaguely referred to the Mafia putting Oswald up to shooting Kennedy- but without providing a smidgen of evidence relating to contact, payout, or anything else- without beginning to explain why the Mafia would choose Oswald - a guy who had recently spent 3 years working at a radio factory in Russia and then worked various odd jobs doing grunt labor at things which had nothing to do with killing - to kill Kennedy. OR, what motive Oswald could possibly have to kill Kennedy for the Mafia- and not even for any pay. 

The conclusion of the HSCA was truly an INSULT to the intelligence of all Americans. That's what we got from a SECOND government investigation of the JFK assassination. 

So, what do you think we'd get if there were a second government investigation of 9/11? You know what happened the first time. Lifelong political hacks, like Thomas Kean and Bob Kerry, filled the whole commission! There were no scientists. There were no forensic experts. There were aviation experts or demolition experts. Just political hacks!  And they just hacked and spewed their way to endorse the Bush administration's story. 

And let's remember that there have been more government JFK investigations than the WC and HSCA. There was the Church Committee. There was the ARRB. Not one of them got anywhere near the truth, that Oswald was framed and innocent. 

Government always protects itself, and government will sacrifice the truth, in a heartbeat, to do it.

So yes, there needs to be a new 9/11 investigation, but it needs to be independent of government. It can'y include ANY political hacks. Non-government experts is what it needs. 

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