Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This is the video of Walter Cronkite presenting the Altgens6 photo on national television for the first time. CBS did NOT show it earlier. Now, if they had it since 1:00, don't you think they would have shown it right away? They wouldn't have said, "This is great, but let's save it for the 6:00 News." And, the reason is that they could have just showed it again at 6:00, and it wouldn't have hurt anything. THE FACT THAT CBS DIDN'T SHOW THE ALTGENS PHOTO UNTIL 6:30 PM EASTERN PROVES THAT IT WASN'T AVAILABLE UNTIL THEN. Why wasn't it available until then? Because they (the CIA photo-altering team) was busy altering it. 


Notice that the quality of the Altgens photo he shows is very poor. It is an extremely low-resolution rendering of it, and I don't think that was an accident. Do you?

Second, Walter Cronkite said that the Secret Service agents were turned to their right rear, where the shots came from. That's the reason the Altgens6 photo wasn't destroyed when they saw Oswald in it; they didn't want to throw away those Secret Service agents peering back at the TSBD.  That was gold. That's what made it all worthwhile to do all that frantic photo-altering.   

Cronkite said some flat\-out falsehoods. For instance, he said that JFK was clutching Mrs. Kennedy but he was clutching his own neck- and not really clutching it; his clutched hands just went there. Then, Cronkite said that a moment later, she placed his bleeding head in her lap, and that's not what happened. JFK's violent movement towards her involved him and the impact of the bullet and nothing else.  

Finally, when he showed LBJ's swearing-in photo, Cronkite described Mrs. Kennedy as "looking on." Don't you get it? The whole idea was that Jackie was a surrogate for her husband, that through her, JFK was casting his blessings on the proceedings. That's why they wouldn't start it without her. They literally did wait for her. They were ready to go, but they wouldn't begin without her. She had to be coaxed away from JFK's casket.  

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