Saturday, May 5, 2018

The following was penned by OIC member, Dr. Thomas Halle:

One of the terribly interesting aspects of this case is the signal fact that the Warren Report, along with the appended hearing testimony and exhibits, and the testimony of the autopsy doctors and other involved parties, which—together—established the Official Narrative is decidedly contradictory and “squirrelly.” Fact is, the content of this body of work is not only NOT representative of legitimate investigative work toward establishing a complete and comprehensive picture of the assassination-- and possible apprehension and indictment of the guilty parties--but was markedly amateurish, disingenuous, and fraught with political motives.
To put an even finer point on it, I’ve found it absolutely fascinating that this body of material is actually self-debunking. Its very substance blows away the dogmatic and absurd conclusions it has striven to promulgate in an almost evangelical way. You might also wish to reflect on the fact that the Report’s apologists generally resort to personal attack, an appeal to authority, or lame claims such as “Someone would have talked!!” We also get plenty of misreporting of facts, and serious “cherry-picking” of evidence, such as a disregard of the Dealey Plaza witnesses who reported gunmen on the triple underpass, shots from various locations other than the TSBD “sniper’s nest,” or more than three shots.
Allow me to cite a few examples. When the chief autopsy prosector for the Kennedy autopsy, Dr. James Humes, was asked if he thought that the so called “magic bullet” from the rear, could have caused all that damage to both the President and Gov. Connally, he replied, “Sir, I find it most unlikely!” Of course, there were also many problems with the slip-shot autopsy, which was controlled by the military, and which prominent forensic scientist Dr. Cyril Wecht called one of the worst he’d ever encountered (“not worthy of a bowery-bum, much less the president of the United States”).
When Chairman Earl Warren was asked by a journalist about a final release of all of the voluminous assassination materials, he responded thus, “Yes, that may happen, but it may not come in your lifetime!”
In the Report, with a little searching, you’ll find the “Cause of Death” report by Dr. Robert McClelland. According to this report the cause of death was a shot right through the head from the left temple. I will add that the Parkland medical staff noted a small entrance wound in the throat (obviously from the front), as well as a massive exit wound in the R-rear of the President’s head. Now, some of these medical professionals altered their testimony over time, as agents of federal agencies pressured them, but—overwhelmingly—this was what they’d witnessed, and reported, on the day of the assassination.
You’ll also find in the report that, while the FBI also determined that three shots had been fired in Dealey Plaza, their accounting was completely different from the Commission’s: They DON'T JIBE!!
Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry admitted as early as 1964 that they’d never been able to “place” Lee Oswald at that window in the TSBD, and with that gun in his hand. Wait a minute!! You mean that the Dallas D.A. and police claims that conviction of Oswald was more or less a “slam-dunk” was all bunk?!!
There’s more, but you’re getting the idea. The Warren Report (and most everything associated with the investigation in Dallas, as well as that conducted by the WR) was riddled with problems, and suggestions of impropriety, if not criminality.
If you’re a reasonably intelligent person, you’ll be able to see that the Official Narrative of a “lone, crazed gunman,” firing three shots from the east end of the TSBD (from the rear)(and with Lee Oswald as the EXCLUSIVE suspect) is easily demolished.  In effect, the Warren Commission was a post mortem Star Chamber tribunal proceeding against suspect Oswald--who’d been railroaded “from day one”--and what it produced was nothing more than a FRAUD!!
From “Treason and Treachery in 1963.”
Dr. T.C.Halle

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