Friday, May 11, 2018

The advocacy of Oswald's innocence is something that has reached the point of being simply not allowed in many walks of life and in all walks of public life. It is not allowed in government and politics. If you believe it, you had keep it to yourself or else you are going to lose your job. The same is true in the corporate world and in the corporate or mainstream media. It is forbidden to vouch for Oswald's innocence- on air or off.  The only "debate" allowed about the JFK assassination is whether Oswald acted alone or with others. And usually, it's either "rogue CIA" or the Mafia or Cuba who are implicated, ignoring the fact that no one, including the CIA, the Mafia and Cuba, would actually have chosen Oswald to be the shooter. Do you not get it that Oswald spent three years in Russia unable to hit a rabbit with a shotgun? So, who was going to choose him to shoot Kennedy? Nobody was going to. And why do they keep talking about it when there is no evidence that Oswald was paid anything? Was Oswald the volunteer assassin? He'd kill upon request for nothing? He was just in it for the sport, was he? 

It wasn't always the way it is today. Decades ago, there were public, televised debates about Oswald's guilt or innocence, the most famous being between William F. Buckley and Mark Lane. Harold Weisberg was also in public debates. Such a thing would never be allowed today. Today, it's the State Lie that Oswald killed Kennedy all the time. Lee Harvey Oswald is the mostly wrongly vilified man in history, with the exception of Jack Ruby.

"They" are insulting your intelligence every time they bring up the idea of Oswald having been put up to shooting Kennedy by somebody else- by anybody else.

Fox News, for instance, loves to run programs on Oswald's non-existent trip to Mexico City, how he met  up with this one or talked to that one on this trip that he never took. And they actually imply that the US  government is deliberately hiding the facts about Oswald's collaborators. But, what they are really hiding is the fact that they made up the whole story of him going there.  

In public opinion polls, Oswald's innocence is not allowed within their scope, and I should point out that that's been true from the very beginning.  From the very first one, the question was: Do you think Oswald acted alone, or do you think he was part of a conspiracy? 

So, what if you replied "Neither. I think he was innocent." Then, you were branded a "hostile" respondent. The survey was over; you got something like, "Thank you for your time," and you were categorized as a "non-compliant subject."

The point is that the subject of the JFK assassination has become completely Sovietized or you could say Orwellinized in America. It's all Baghdad Bob now, and the stuff about Oswald meeting with people in Mexico City,  that is just for heat dissipation. IT IS A WAY TO SAFELY OFFER PEOPLE CONSPIRACY TALK WITHOUT DOING ANY HARM- WITHOUT GETTING ANYWHERE NEAR THE TRUTH. It's noise. It's chatter. It's just hot air.    

And the same is true of talk of Ruby being involved with Oswald and going to Dealey Plaza to watch the fireworks, etc. It's just a pressure relief valve. And if you promote that kind of stuff, you are helping them; you are aiding and abetting the enemy.  Promoting false conspiracy stories is the worst thing anyone can do to the cause of JFK truth. The truth is much darker than any of these stories.  And the truth is that Oswald was completely and totally innocent, having been informed of NOTHING, and Jack Ruby was not only completely and totally innocent, but he didn't even have the mental capacity to understand what was being done to him. At least Oswald had the wherewithal to realize and declare that he was a patsy; Jack Ruby did not. 

The only question mark in the thing is Tippit. Many say that Tippit was involved, and it looks like he was. We know that Dallas cop Roscoe White was involved. Killing Tippit and blaming Oswald had the purpose of turning the whole Dallas police force against Oswald- in a more personal way than for supposedly having killed Kennedy. But, there may have been more to it than that. They may have been silencing Tippit. Perhaps Tippit had become an unreliable player. 

But, there were at least three innocent victims that weekend: Kennedy, Oswald and Ruby.

And there was a fourth: the American people. They were swindled. The U.S. government and U.S. media pulled a Henry Gondorff on them. And, it' s only gotten worse since then. 



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