Saturday, May 5, 2018

This is the whole image that Bart Kamp got from the kindly people at the National Archives, but how was it taken? It was taken through the glass of the door to the Homicide Bureau. The camera was obviously elevated. Was Jim Murray standing on something? If so, what? Or was he a tall guy who holding the camera high? If so, why? And if so, how? Didn't he have to look through the viewfinder? So, I'll assume he was standing on something, but I can't imagine what. 

Why is Pipey's right hand missing?

What's the talking point for that? Is it Brownian motion?
What say you, James Norwood?

And what about his left hand? Why does it have extra digits?

And is that 3 buttons on his jacket? But, they've always had two, haven't they?

For my whole life, they always used to say that you button the top button and leave the bottom one unbuttoned.

So, how'd he get three?

And how did he carry the pipe around? He didn't just have that filthy pipe loose in his pocket, did he? Didn't he have to have some kind of pouch for it?

Now, did he pack the pipe in Fritz' office? Here's a guy demonstrating how to pack a pipe:

I wonder: could these idiots actually be stupid enough to claim that Bookhout packed a pipe in Fritz' office? On the day of the JFK assassination? That's funny just picturing it, isn't it? But, they are pretty damn stupid, so, I wouldn't put it past them. 

But, what's the alternative? That it was an unlighted pipe that he was just holding in his mouth for the flavor? But, what kind of addict would he have to be to do that on day of the JFK assassination? So, there he was in Fritz' office, and he just took out this dirty pipe which still had the flavor from his last use of it and put it in his mouth? 

But remember, this is supposed to be James Bookhout, and there was Fritz right behind him talking to his men, and he had to be talking about the case, right? So, how could Bookhout be interested? How could he be more interested in his pipe? And where's the pouch? He didn't have that dirty pipe loose in his pocket, did he? He's wearing a suit there, right? Who would soil their nice suit with a dirty pipe? He didn't want his suit smelling like pipe, did he? So, he took out his pouch and removed the pipe and put it in his mouth. But, what happened to the pouch? Is that supposed to be it in his right hand?

I don't see that as a hand holding a pouch. 

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