Saturday, May 19, 2018

So, what do we know about this footage that Amy Joyce found?

Well, you can see what we know in the link above. It was put up by the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia as part of the 50th anniversary.  It says  Oswald arrival at Parkland, but we never see Oswald in it. 

It starts with the ambulance arriving. The weird thing is that the ambulance left the PD without a police escort, but rather, with a police car that followed it. I believe that car was driven by L.C. Graves, who lied and said he rode in the ambulance. But, Graves' car lead the ambulance into the Parkland parking area. 

But, questions loom about this. Why did Graves lie and not admit that he drove separately? And keep in mind that there is absolutely no doubt that this is true because there was no room in the ambulance for Graves. Leavelle and Dhority rode in back with Oswald on his stretcher- and there was barely room for them on the right side of the car. The Bieb rode in the middle compartment with the head of Oswald's stretcher. And then, there was Hardin and Wolfe in the front. And that's it: no place for Graves. He was DEFINITELY driving the police car that raced and bumped out after the ambulance. 

But, how did Graves get in front of it? We're talking about a speeding ambulance. And why did he get in front of it? Imagine how fast he had to go to overtake it. Why was it important for him to do that? How did it help? 

Then, we get to the oddly young looking image of Jim Leavelle.

 Note that there are no polka dots on his tie.

Here's another view of that tie. He doesn't look anything like Leavelle. 
Then, he's got these skinny legs.
This is Leavelle we're talking about.
Then, the last frame before it jolts ahead shows the guy leaning on Wolfe's back.
Look at that closely. "Leavelle" has planted his hand right down squarely at the top of Wolfe's back. That should show in the other film, right? It doesn't. In the other film, Leavelle leans on Wolfe as he's getting down from the tailgate, but it's much lower on Wolfe's back.

Compare again.
It's completely different. They are caught redhanded, which is to say, bloodied. 

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