Monday, May 7, 2018

I played around with the lighting of this picture just to ferret out its content better- looking for that hand. I still don't see it. Note that there are two Bs there, as in ROBBERY, as in Homicide and Robbery, but why does the second B look like an 8?
So then, I looked at the lettering at large:
If you look closely at that, you'll see that the Y of ROBBERY is crowded too close to the R.

How hard was it to get the spaces between the letters even? And who puts lettering over glass? Glass has to be looked through, and glass has to be washed. Why would you put black lettering over something that was going to be washed regularly with Windex? 

I also found this image.

Now, that one was taken at ground level. It was taken as I described: just hold the camera up to eye level and snap the picture. What was the need to get elevated and shoot down, as in the other? And there, the second B in ROBERRY looks like a B and not an 8.

So, why does it look like an 8 in the other?

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