Monday, September 30, 2013

Backes; Blah, blah, blah about Lovelady's trek to the tracks being concocted. 

Cinque: Then they had some great scriptwriters because, as dialogue goes, this is amazing. 

Mr. BALL - After you ran to the railroad tracks you came back and went in the back door of the building?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right.
Mr. BALL - Did you go in through the docks, the wide open door or did you go in the ordinary Small door?
Mr. LOVELADY - You know where we park our trucks--that door; we have a little door.
Mr. BALL - That is where you went in, that little door?
Mr. LOVELADY - That's right.
Mr. BALL - That would be the north end of the building?
Mr. LOVELADY - That would be the west end, wouldn't it?
Mr. BALL - Is it the one right off Houston Street?
Mr. LOVELADY - No; you are thinking about another dock.
Mr. BALL - I am?
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes; we have two.
Mr. BALL - Do you have a dock on the west side and one on the north side of the building?
Mr. LOVELADY - East, and well, it would be east and west but you enter it from the south side.
Mr. BALL - Now, the south side---
Mr. LOVELADY - Elm Street is that little dead-end street.
Mr. BALL - That's south.
Mr. LOVELADY - I drive my truck here (indicating) but we came in from this direction; that would have to be west.
Mr. BALL - You came into the building from the west side?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right.
Mr. BALL - Where did you go into the building?
Mr. LOVELADY - Through that, those raised-up doors.
Mr. BALL - Through the raised-up doors?
Mr. LOVELADY - Through that double door that we in the morning when we get there we raised. There's a fire door and they have two wooden doors between it.
Mr. BALL - You came in through the first floor?
Mr. LOVELADY - Right.

Backes: The WC wasn't a show trial because it wasn't done in public.

Cinque: Wrong. They just waited until they were done to show it to the public. And what they did was even worse than a regular show trial because at a regular show trial, you're stuck with whatever testimony the witness gives. Everybody hears it. But, they didn't want that. They wanted to be able to revise the testimonies before they were made public- which you claim they did wholesale. You see, they couldn't have done that if Lovelady had been sitting in front of reporters and the public. So, it was actually worse than a show trial. So, that makes you the jackass, Backass.

And I didn't say that every word in the Warren Report is wrong. I didn't say that every line of testimony is false. What I said is that if they concocted testimony out of thin air, assigning it to witnesses at will, then all the testimonies are SUSPECT. That's the proper word, Backes: suspect.

But, let me assure you that the last person on Earth who should be entrusted to separate the true from the false in the Warren Report is you, Joseph Backes. That's because you're the idiot who thinks they concocted a bus ride, a cab ride, and a trek to the tracks.

Backes: No, you look it up.  You brought it up, you look it up.

Cinque: Well, with that thought in mind, would you mind producing the images of the "other African-American" that you say exist and which Richard E. Sprague referenced? Because I have looked for them, and I can't find them. And, I don't think they exist. So, you brought them up, therefore, you put them up. 

And finally, you did refer to the Doorman issue as a "narrow issue". Period. It was on September 24 or 25. But, you deleted the post because you realized, afterwards, how moronic it is. 

And if I'm wrong about that, just give us the link to that post.    

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