Monday, September 30, 2013

No, Mr. 19. I am referencing all of what you offered. I'm showing all of it.

I've already told you that you are not allowed to draw in the area under examination. You can point to it. You can describe it. You can write alongside of it. But, you can't do anything in the area of examination..

That's all you get from me, buster. Visual matches are just that: visual. They have to be visible with the unaided eye, without any artistic enhancements. Otherwise, it is outrageously dishonest.

And no, you didn't get readers from 19 countries.

Let me tell you how Mr. 19 came up with the number 19. He started with 20. That's what he was shooting for. But, it's too round a number. It sounds like something one would conjure up. So, he lowered it to 19 because it's a very odd number. Think about all the numbers that divide into 20. But nothing divides into 19 (except 1 and 19). So, it sounds more random. It's just about as good as 20. 19 countries is about as impressive. But, it sounds more random. And that's how Mr. 19 arrived at 19.

It is just the kind of lie that bpete would tell. And I say that because it's CHILDISH, as bpete is childish.

So now, I am more convinced than ever that Mr 19 is bpete who is Steve Haydon.

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