Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get something straight, Backes: you can't use an image like this:

You can't draw into the very area that people are trying to see. You can point to it. You can have arrows outside of it pointing to something with an explanation. But, you can't draw inside a small image over the very area that is being examined. So, the above image is useless, much like yourself.

And Backes, you dumb worthless fuck, I know the difference between right and left. I understand that her left hand would be on our right. That's not what I was talking about. I don't need you to explain that to me. I was talking about the fact that her hand is coming up from behind her as if it's growing out of her back or the back of her head..

So, forget about the issue of right and left. What's next? Are you going to go into  Who's on first, What's on second routine? Let me show you where her waving arm would be if it were valid::

Are you getting the idea now of where arms arise from?

Next, Backes claims that the reason the Fedora Man remains visible even in the shitty versions of the Towner film is because his background is the light-colored buildling.

No, Backes. You just pulled that out your ass. You are just making a bull shit excuse. The woman and baby were not there. It's just a tree. They made the woman out of the tree. They added color- deep orange for the baby's cap and sparkling white for its wrap. It's a complete fakery, and the colors get washed out in the online versions. That's what is going on.

You know, you are not an expert, Backes- on anything. You are a fucking civil servant. So stop tell me what anything is because you don't know your ass from a hot brick.

Go back to making up phony bus rides, phony cab rides, and phony treks to the tracks. They didn't fake any of that, but what they did fake were these images. The Towner Woman and Baby were not there. The Altgens Woman and Boy were  not there. And there is no way a 3 year old boy could have been a 1 year old baby anyway, you dumb shit.

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