Sunday, September 22, 2013

Backes is lying. I never had my chiropractic license taken away from me. I never got sanctioned or challenged or subjected to any kind of inquiry or disciplinary action. I simply chose not to renew my license because I was not operating a chiropractic office at the time.

And I would have renewed it anyway except that at the time they weren't offering license renewal courses in Austin. I would have had to travel to Dallas or Houston to take them, which meant airfare, hotel expenses, etc., which did not appeal to me.

At this point, I am semi-retired, but I am still involved in offering high-quality nutritional supplements online:

But again, no state ever "took" my license away. At no time, did I ever get in any kind of trouble. Never have I been sued, nor did anyone ever threaten to sue me. Nor has anyone ever filed a complaint against me, that I know of. So, what Backes is saying is completely and totally false.

But, he used that to challenge what I said about George HW Bush. He pointed out, correctly, that the image I posted of Gus Rose was not from 1963. That's true, but at least I came up with an image of him. Others were claiming that he was the disputed figure without providing an image at all.

And the match to George HW Bush correlates very well throughout the years. Not just from 1963, but from before 1963 and to well after 1963. As I've said, it is a progression that is much more consistent than is true of most people.

The image of Gus  Rose shows a very different shaped face and a different body type.

There is no reason to think that this guy was ever long and lanky like George HW Bush and the disputed figure outside the TSBD. It is a real stretch to go there, and there is no reason to go there.

But Backes, you are free to try to dig up a picture of him from 1963, and if so, I'll be happy to take a look.

A notable thing about the larger picture is that it shows a division between suits and cops, with uniformed cops on the right, and men in suits on the left. Odds are great that those guys in suits were feds.

At the time, the Dallas detectives liked to wear these white stetson hats, as you see with Oswald.

Now, did you see the white stetson hat in the picture in front?

Notice that that detective was over with the cops in uniform. Why? It's because he was a local guy, and he was over with the guys he knew from Dallas. The men in suits on the other side were feds; they were not local Dallas police.

So, Gus Rose wouldn't have been over there on the west side of the entrance anyway. He played for the local team.

The match between George HW Bush and the disputed figure is spot-on:

As I said, either that was Bush, or he had a twin walking around Dealey Plaza that day. It's a spot-on match and not to be dismissed by gassy blowhards like Joseph Backes.  On the left, Bush was President at the time, so figure about 1990. Therefore, it was 27 years later, a generation later, and yet, he still looked very much the same. I ask everyone: does your current image match the way you looked 27 years ago as well?

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