Monday, September 30, 2013

Mr. 19, after imaging 19 countries, is now imagining more stuff. He's imagining that I deliberately cropped the shirts of Doorman and Lovelady so that the "good parts" don't show.

Look, you plucking moron: here is the whole kit and kaboodle. The entirety of both shirts. Now, without drawing or marking anything within the area of examination, you can point to anything you think matches.

 I didn't leave anything out this time. You're seeing the entire shirt of both of them. Everything is accessible to you. So point to any areas that you think match. But don't be drawing in any lines. You can't do that.  You can point to something without marring it. I did it above as an example, where it says "line" and then an arrow. Of course, there is no line there; I'm just showing you what your options are.

If you do something like that- without making any markings within the area of examination- then I'll put it up, but not before.

Haydon, you are dumb as dirt.

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