Sunday, September 29, 2013

No, Unger. I didn't say Doorman was Lovelady. I said he had Lovelady's hairline.

They weren't going to claim that Oswald was Lovelady without imparting some of Lovelady to him. So, they went with the hairline.

That's didn't make Doorman Lovelady. It made Doorman Oswald but with Lovelady's hairline.

But, it wasn't even Lovelady's hairline from the time of the assassination.

On the left you see Young Lovelady from the 1950s. Notice that he still looks like a boy. He doesn't even look like a grown man. His hairline matches Doorman's even though Lovelady was a rapidly balding young man and had a lost a lot of hair by 1963. On the right is hairline in the winter of 1964. It was just a few months after the assassination.

So, Unger, it only means that you lie like Op-bastard that you are. Doorman was Oswald dressed up with Young Lovelady's hairline.

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