Monday, September 30, 2013

Joseph Backes is an Op. He's got somebody else writing his attack blog against me.

If he were just a regular guy with a keen interest in the JFK assassination, a self-styled "researcher," would he have somebody else writing his blog?

The fact that he tagged someone else to fill in for him tells you that he is part of a network: a network of Ops.

The replacement refers to Backes as "Mr. Backes" and to himself as "Cinque slayer".

Hey, Asshole! You couldn't slay a fish if it came out of a can of tuna.

First, he accused me of trying to take down all of Mr. Backes' blogs, and that has something to do with why Backes was silent for a week. No, I didn't do that. Maybe it's a vast conspiracy.

Then, he repeated Backes' claim that the WC concocted all that testimony about Lovelady walking down to the tracks with Shelley and returning and re-entering through the back door. And Shelley also said it, and even Frazier referred to them doing it. So, it's a lot of testimony. But, he was OK with the word I used: "concocted". He used it himself.

But, when you concoct testimony, it means that it's not an honest inquiry, not an honest investigation, and therefore like a show trial, which is what I originally said. You're agreeing with me, you dumb pluck.

And if they concocted, out of thin air, long, tedious testimony for Lovelady, it means that every single word of testimony in the WC is suspect.

Then, he demands to know the details about the threats that were made against Buell Frazier and his family. But, the important thing is that Buell Frazier revealed that his life and that of his family were threatened. It doesn't really matter who threatened them or what their exact threats were. What matters is that Buell Frazier felt threatened. And another word that he, Buell Frazier, used besides "threatened" was "pressured". He was pressured to say some things. And he named someone who pressured him to say some things: Will Fritz. Look it up, Asshole.

And no, Asshole, Backes very specifically referred to Oswald in the doorway as a "narrow" issue. Whether the alleged lone-nut assassin was standing outside during the slaughter was just a narrow issue, according to him. That's what he said; so don't try to rewrite it.

Then, he tries to say that there was no "they". But, Joseph Backes claims to be a CT, and that means, automatically, that there was a "they" who killed Kennedy. And after "they" killed Kennedy, "they" got busy covering up the fact that "they" killed Kennedy. So yes, there had to be a "they", you plucking moron.

Then, in response to my saying that they weren't going to put anything in writing about Oswald being outside, he cites the Fritz notes as something in writing. But, the Fritz notes were just notes to himself. He wrote them for his own benefit, not for publication. He did eventually turn over his notes to the Warren Commission, but they were formal notes, not those scratchy notes. Those scratchy notes came out decades later, after Fritz was long dead. It was just a piece of luck that they came out. If someone had noticed what they contained about Oswald being out with Bill Shelley in front, they probably would have had them destroyed or at least retained. I'm sure that "they" rue the day that those notes were released.

About Will Fritz, I don't assume he was a conspirator in the JFK assassination. That is, I don't assume he had any foreknowledge of it. But, like many others, he was severely pressured after the assassination. If you read LBJ: Mastermind of the JFK Assassination by OIC senior member Phillip Nelson, who will be speaking in Santa Barbara, you lean that Clif Carter, who was LBJ's right-hand man, called Will Fritz multiple times, numerous times, on the afternoon of November 22nd, pressuring him to shut down the investigation because he "had his man," that no one else was involved, just Oswald. So, Fritz became aware of what was expected of him and how high up it went. But, what his perspective was during his first interview of Oswald when he took those notes is anyone's guess. And no, he didn't sit down days later to write this:

Nobody would write such cryptic, shorthand notes days later. Here they are typed:

And to those who claim that Oswald changed his shirt, notice that it says that he changed his "britches" that is, his pants. It doesn't say anything about changing his shirt, which Oswald did not do.

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