Sunday, September 29, 2013

Professor James Norwood, who teaches a course on the JFK assassination at a university in Minnesota has joined the the OIC as a senior member. Of course, he is an advocate of Oswald in the doorway.

Op-percut, you are stuck. You are never going to convince anyone that these two shirts were the same.

Hey friends, I'm getting to this SOB because he's getting nastier. And as of now, but hunch that he's just bpete trying to get a fresh start. If my opinion about that changes, I'll let you know. 

But, those two shirts can't possibly be the same. The large plaid pattern on the right is totally and completley missing on the left. The pocket flap is missing on Doorman's shirt. Look how different the collars are! Look how different the collars are! We can only compare Doorman's right to Lovelady's left, but so what? They are totally different. Look how snug the shirt fits Lovelady and how loose-goosey it is on Doorman. And what about the sprawl? Doorman's is sprawled open, parted like the Red Sea, and Lovelady's is buttoned up all except the top button. It was only minutes part, and there's no evidence of Lovelady ever having been so unbuttoned or of having buttoned up in the interim. 

Splotchy isn't plaid. Splotchy isn't plaid. Splotchy isn't plaid. 

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