Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It is amazing the degree of delusion and delirium that exists in the JFK world. Case in point: Mark Pommier on McAdams' forum, and below he is talking about the disputed figure outside the TSBD. He was addressing Dave Reitze, who is apparently a rather prominent apologist for the official story. Mark wrote this before I posted the image of Gus Rose but apparently not before he saw it elsewhere.

"Hey Dave! THANK YOU! The Mark Pommier to which Vince refers is me. When 
you say that my theory seems possible, that's like gold for me!"

(Cinque: Since Dave Reitz is a lone-nutter, and you are a CT, why do you care what he thinks? Besides, he just said your theory "seems possible" which is not a ringing endorsement.)  

"I would have provided a side-by-side comparison, but I simply did not have time." 

(Cinque- No worries, Mark; I did it.)

"I've been saying EVERY time I come across the claims that it's Poppy Bush 
that it's indeed DPD Detective Gus Rose. It looks like Rose, and all 
circumstances support my hypothesis"

(Cinque- Oh really? You do say.) 

"If I have to post a side-by-side comparison for persons here that claim to 
be conspiracy or LN sleuths, why should I stop there? Maybe I should just 
do all of their research too, and then let them take the credit."

(Cinque- Well, how about the idea that he who proffers the theory should be the one to back it up? Just a thought.)  

"Vince Palamara believes it's Rose, and I'm quite certain of it. Vince 
wrote to me that Gary Mack is splitting hairs by claiming that Rose was 
off-duty, and came straight to the DPD when he heard about the murder of 
JFK. No disrespect intended for Gary Mack, but he said that Rose showed up 
at DPD between 1:30 and 2P, and the 3 Tramps image wasn't acquired 
photographically until 2:15." 

"Now, is it unreasonable to accept that perhaps a 15-minute window of 
discrepancy might be the obstacle to acceptance of what to me, is a 
picture of Rose in front of the TSBD? It seems peculiar to me that Rose 
would go to the DPD directly, when the reports on television/radio that 
Rose may have heard would have caused him to go directly to the scene of 
the crime." 

(Cinque- So not only does the guy not look Rose, having a pit-bull shaped face rather than like a giraffe as we see on Bush and the disputed figure, but it's doubtful Rose was even in Dealey Plaza at all, with no official record of him being there.)

"I could gain a remote semblance of understanding of Mack's apparent veto 
of my identification of Rose, if the DPD was across town from the crime 
scene. But it's just around the corner. Also, Rose's detective status 
likely mandated his wearing a suit on the job."

(Cinque- Where's his white stetson hat? And why is he milling around with the feds?)

"He would have been on location, doing that job. The only image I could find of Gus Rose was from 
Turner's TMWKK from '88. The years have been kind, but likely added a few 

(Cinque: it's not just that. Take a few pounds off, and he still has a very different shaped face.)

"It's Rose in the image, I have no doubt, folks."

(Cinque: it's mighty folksy of you, Mark, but think: doubt; it's sometimes good for you.)

"This situation exemplifies the cut-throat nature of the research world concerning JFK's murder. If 
Researcher A didn't discover it, it must be wrong! I could perhaps gain a tiny portion of credit in debunking a pet theory, and these "researchers" deny its possibility without inasmuch as considering it. Those wishing to 
cling the false notion that it's Poppy Bush will continue to deceive themselves and others."

(Cinque: Mark, speaking of deception, that is definitely not Rose in the picture, and it's a spot-on match to Bush.) 

"Frankly, the first time I ever saw that picture of Rose I knew it was him and not Poppy Bush." 

(Cinque: Based on what, Mark?)

"Listen to your gut feelings, fellow CT'ers"

(Cinque: No, Mark, it's not about their guts; they have to use their eyes and their minds.) 

"Sometimes you have to suck up the truth that you're wrong sometimes. I've had to do 
that a few times in this group. It's never fun, but it's necessary."

(Cinque: You need to do it again, Mark.) 



Mark wrote the above before seeing the image of Rose that I posted. His response:

"Ralph Cinque -- are you certain it's Poppy Bush? You are right when you 
claim the body configuration is the same. The man in the photo has a head, 
arms, and legs. Yes, the body configuration is the same as any normal 
human body." 

(Cinque: So, I guess all bodies are the same then.)

"Having agreed with you that far, now if you would please refer 
us to the body of knowledge where you get the idea that every photograph 
will exhibit physical signs of shoulder droop as it pertains to their 
strong hand? If it's a percentage, then how do you know on which side of 
that percentage this particular image falls?"

(Cinque, No, Mark, the shoulder tends to be higher on the side of the dominant hand."

"The fierce manner in which you're defending that it's a picture of Poppy 
Bush is frankly more indefensible than my proposal that it's Rose."

(Cinque: Not true, but thanks for using "indefensible" in reference to your proposal.)

"Did you look at the clear cropping done by Unger at the Ed Forum?"

(Cinque: No. Put it up here.)

 "It ain't Poppy."

(Cinque: Yes, it is. And it's Oswald in the doorway too.) 

"You cannot accept that I'm right, when it causes you to be wrong."

(Cinque: Wow. That's profound. You're a regular Socrates.) 

 "I don't gloat over that, but the intransigence to inasmuch as allow for the 
possibility does not reflect well on your ability to objectively study 
this murder."

(Cinque: nor on your ability to form a coherent thought) 

"Sorry to disappoint you,but it's Rose in the picture. I am 

(Cinque: that is, wrong) 

"Now I'm back to the drawing board to hopefully gain some traction for my 
non-converging eyes theory! I sure hope you don't think it's Poppy Bush's 
cadaver in the autopsy images."

(Cinque, what's amazing about you people is that you think the top two don't match, but the bottom two do)

"Congratulations! The image you found is the one I took from my own TV 
screen last week, to demonstrate to Vince Palamara that it's Rose in front 
of the TSBD."

(Cinque: Then why didn't you post it?)

"Vince agrees, and so does Dave Reitzes. Those two researchers 
have some pretty impeccable information, even if their mindsets differ 
between CT and LN or in-between."

(Cinque: Then let's let them speak for themselves, OK? If they continue to maintain it's Rose after seeing the image I posted, I'll be sure to report it, don't worry.)

"I'm curious as to what Dr. McAdams opinion is that it's Rose, as well as 
Bigdog, John Canal, Jean Davison, Tony Marsh, and all of the other great 
minds here. If a theory can gain traction here, it indeed has traction. 
Without support from the people in this group, any theory is thus 
diminished. Thanks, folks!"

(Cinque: I'll report what the other "great minds" have to say as well. Sounds like you've got a real mutual admiration society going there. And the amazing thing is you don't even agree about who killed Kennedy.) 

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