Monday, September 30, 2013

It looks like Joseph Backes is faking it about having been relieved. That other guy who has taken over his attack site is just him.

He says that "Mr. Backes is busy" but you'd think that Mr. Backes would say something about it on his Justice for Kennedy site. As of yesterday, he was still talking about me, but he didn't mention anything about being replaced on his other site.

Here it is large:

I actually didn't do anything of the kind. I didn't contact Google. I haven't asked anyone else to contact Google. So, this story is complete bull shit.

But, you would think that Backes would announce something about a change at the helm on the other site. But as you see, there's nothing.

So, I'm thinking that this new guy is really just Backes, that he is following the lead of bpete and Lance by using an alias, except that he just goes by "Cinque slayer." Maybe he thiinks that if he sounds like he's someone else that Google will leave him alone.

That is very probably it: Cinque slayer is really just Backes behind a veil.

That's what I am going to assume at this point because this new guy writes like and thinks exactly like Backes.

So. you are just Backes, Cinque slayer, and I shall call you Backes. Your jig is up, already.

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