Friday, September 27, 2013

bpete keeps saying over and over that no WC witness cited Oswald in the doorway, but the WC was just a show trial, a whitewash, a sham, and they were never going to allow anyone to say it was Oswald in the doorway.

They let people say that they heard shots from the Grassy Knoll because people can be wrong about the direction of gunfire. But, if someone said it was Oswald standing 2 feet away from them, how can you be wrong about that? It would have been much too damaging to the official story to include such testimony.

How significant is it that Buell Frazier said that not only was his life threatened, but so was the well being of his family threatened? It is overwhelmingly significant.

So, if someone did say it, it was definitely excluded, and that person was ordered- with extreme prejudice- to be silent about it. I suspect the word spread very quickly that no one had dare say it was Oswald in the doorway- or else. If you thought you did, you were mistaken, so don't say it again if your life means anything to you.

So, to CTs, stop acting as though the WC was an honest, open investigation. You know better than that. You know that they started with the presumption of Oswald's guilt and worked backwards from there. There was a "group think" involved that was riveted to that mindset, and never, in public or in private, did anyone proffer anything else.

Once the assassination happened, a key got turned within the brains of the people involved, and that key-turn switched on the perspective of the official story being true- the only reality there was.

You've heard of the Stepford Wives, right? Well, these were like the Stepford officials,  Their consciousness of JFK truth got pushed so far down into the recesses of their minds, it never broke the surface of consciousness even in their most private conversations, never mind public ones. These were the kind of people who could do this.

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