Monday, September 30, 2013

Now, Mr. 19 thinks he can draw lines between Groden Lovelady and Groden Doorman and make a plaid pattern magically appear on the lattter.

No, Mr. 19. There are still no vertical lines and no boxes on Doorman's shirt. Those shirts are about as different in pattern as any two shirts can be. And here's a bit of irony for you:

The one horizontal line we see on Doorman is on his cuff, at the top of his cuff. So, let's see if we can at least find that on Lovelady.

Nope, not even that worked out. There is no horizontal line on the top of the cuff on Lovelady. He, instead, has a cross pattern, with a vertical line going down the middle and across the middle.

By the way, I call Lance Uppercut Mr. 19 because he claimed that people from 19 countries were viewing his blog just a few days ago, which is amazing when you consider he's using an alias that nobody even heard of until recently. 19 is a lot, Lance. I told you to do a Screen Save and put up the report. I want to see those 19 countries. Let's see: France? England? Germany? Canada? Italy? Man, it takes a lot to get to 19.

Put it up, Mr. 19. Because I wouldn't want to think you lied about that. None of us would want to think that you lied about that. Because it would be an awful thing for you to start your career as a JFK commentator by telling such an outrageous lie.

And while you're at it, do explain why the shirt continued to fit Lovelady so snugly after he lost so much weight.

You see, I've been supervising people in losing weight most of my adult life, and my experience is that when people shrink in size, their clothes don't shrink with them. That shirt looks just as snug on Groden Lovelady as it does on Gorilla Lovelady. And the other weird thing is that the length of the shirt seems a lot longer on the left. On the right, the shirt looks short like it's his kid brother's shirt.

So, what do you figure? It shrank in the wash? Nope, because Mrs. Lovelady said he didn't wear it after the assassination, that she kept it in a safe.

And another thing: what happened to the pocket flap?:It didn't show up in '67 or '76.

Here's another take on it:

Man, Lovelady looks thin in 1976. He should be swimming in that shirt. Don't you think?

Send that report about the 19 countries, Mr. 19. Have I mentioned that I don't like liars?

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