Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Robin Unger posted this "stabilized" version of the Towner clip with the mysterious Woman and Baby. So, let' analyze it, OK? First, just look at the baby. I want you to notice that that baby consists of nothing but a small orange sphere and  a larger white crescent-shaped blob below it. Notice also that there is not the slightest movement in that baby. Not so much as a twitch. It really does look like just an area of the photo that was colored in those two colors, orange and white, and that there was nothing moving, nothing whatsoever alive. 

Now, regarding the mother, all you are really seeing of her is the flickering hand. Remember how that tree was built with a double trunk.

Take a good long look at that tree with the two trunks coming down, and remember, that is all tree. Now keep that in mind as you look at the woman again.

Use the scroll bar and go up and down comparing them. There is really nothing there but the tree. If you took that flickering hand away, you'd have no mother at all. It's just the form of the tree we are seeing. 

There was no Woman and Baby. The woman was the tree. The baby was just two globs of color they added. They're both totally artificial. We don't even see them in other versions of the Towner film. 

Once the colors get washed out, they get washed out. Colors are all they were. That, plus the flicker. 

They're fake. They're just one of many JFK film fakeries. Robin Unger, you can stabilize it all you want, but you can't make it real. The Woman and Baby weren't there. 

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