Thursday, September 26, 2013

The FBI letter included a categorical statement that Lovelady stated he was wearing a red and white vertical striped shirt and blue jeans. It was written by two FBI agents, both of whom signed their initials next to their names. So, for them it was like an affidavit.

And they never retracted it. What happened is that 16 years later, the HSCA retracted it. But, it wasn't for them to retract it because they were not the ones who said it.

No explanation was ever given as to how such a misunderstanding occurred. Think about it: "He stated that he was wearing a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans." How does that go wrong? How do you get it wrong? If Lovelady told them that he wore a plaid shirt, how did that not get recorded?

And you can't tell me that they just assumed that the clothes he showed up in for the photo shoot were the same clothes he wore on 11/22/63. Who would make such an assumption? When has anybody made such an assumption? And even if they did make that assumption, wouldn't they ask about it and confirm it before putting it in writing?

Why weren't those two FBI agents called before the HSCA to explain what happened?

Why wasn't Billy Lovelady called before the HSCA to explain what happened? They started dealing wtih him in 1976, but he never appeared to testify before them. Why?

They were investigating the Doorman issue. The only other contender, Oswald, was dead, so why wouldn't they have the other guy come in? I know they sent Groden to photograph him, and I know Groden got him and his wife to write and sign short statements, but that is not the same as undergoing questioning.

Then, Lovelady wound up dead of a heart attack at the tender age of 41 shortly before the HSCA Final Report came out.

So, they didn't want to talk to Lovelady directly- they avoided it scrupulously. And not only did they not want to talk to him even though it was compelling for them to do so, but it's likely that somebody feared that any talking Lovelady did would likely do harm to the official story, hence, his heart attack. David Sanchez Morales died the same way, after making inflammatory remarks about JFK's and RFK's murders. "We got the little bastard, didn't we?" etc. Richard Case Nagel dies similarly of a heart attack with no prior history.

You buying all that? Well, I'm not buying it.

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