Saturday, June 23, 2018

Amy Joyce made this collage concerning two versions of Oswald's suppposed "iconic" last photo, noting the differences, some of which are impossible, and others that are unlikely considering that they were moving.

What I notice, in addition to Amy's finds is that Michael Hardin, the ambulance driver, is more bald on the right than the left. The man at the bottom of the photo pulling the stretcher is wearing thick glasses on the right but none on the left. Oh, there is faint line there, and it looks precisely like one drawn in. And that's only behind his left ear. I see nothing behind his right ear. Look at his thick glass-arm on the right. 

So, what is the explanation of this? Well when they made these phony images, they often did do-overs. They weren't satisfied, so they did it again, and both survived. Look at the two versions of Lovelady in the squad room, which look nothing alike. The two Loveladys are vastly different, and neither one is Lovelady. 

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