Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Here are two images of Jack Ruby's hair the afternoon of November 24.
Which is legit? I'd have to say neither based on the 1960s photo of his hair. But, if you are going to defend this, if you are going to say that both are real, then what do you figure happened? Do you figure Ruby did some groorming after his arrest, did he? When? And whose idea was it? Did Ruby request to do some grooming? But wait. There is no comb listed in his property invoice.
So therefore, he didn't have a comb on him. So, did someone else get the idea to groom him? When has such a thing ever happened? Or did he ask for and was he given a comb? But, there are meticulous, detailed reports of everything that happened to Ruby after his arrest, and there is no report of that. So, how can both these images be legit?

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