Thursday, June 21, 2018

We need to make a close- a very close- comparison between the Beers photo and the Johnston photo since Graves' belt looks so different between them. 

I would include the Jackson photo too, except that you can't see Graves' belt at all in it. So, we'll stick with Beers and Johnston.

You notice that in Beers, Graves has on a tie pin, but not in Johnston. Let's see what else we got. In Beers, Oswald's hair is flatter. It's more wavy and bodied in Johnson below. It looks coiffed. I mentioned that Graves' tie is longer in Beers. I don't understand in either picture how Leavelle's jacket could be buttoned so high when men's jackets don't have buttons that high. As I look at Leavelle's jacket, I can't make out any buttons at all.

How could a man's jacket look like that?

Why does Oswald's shirt collar look white in Beers but off-color in Johnston, as if it was yellow or tan? Of course, Leavelle's left arm is fake in both pictures. In Beers, it's just a squiggly line.

Do you think you could duplicate that photographically by having a guy stick his hand in another guy's pants? I don't think you could, not if he was human. That looks more like a snake getting into Oswald's pants. Again: do NOT lipflap this. Get out a fucking camera and duplicate it. 

How come Oswald is so much taller in Johnston? He looks almost as tall as Leavelle. 

But, in Beers, Leavelle towers over Oswald.

Look at their shoulder levels.

Look how much higher Leavelle's shoulder is in Beers.

In this image, from a film, Oswald looks to be every bit as tall as Leavelle.

In Jackson, we see that Leavelle's jacket had just two buttons, as most men's jackets do.

So, just two buttons, and just one of them buttoned. So, how could there be this effect in Johnston?

And this isn't everything. It just keeps going and going. It's all just a big morass of incongruity, contradiction, and extreme manipulation. I am starting to wonder if the image of Oswald in Johnston isn't a cut-out that was added. 

Look at the junction of Oswald's arm and Leavelle's. It looks more like art than photography. And how could Leavelle's arm from shoulder to wrist be doing what it appears to be doing? It couldn't. Not without breaking. 

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