Saturday, June 16, 2018

I have written this song in dedication to my father, Mark John Cinque. He was a policeman his whole adult life, first in New York City and then in Los Angeles. He faced grave danger quite a few times. I remember when he had to work the streets at night during the Harlem riots in New York. The year was 1964, and what I remember most is how distraught my mother was. She was beside herself with worry. Fortunately, he always made it home. It wasn't true of his partner, who got shot dead when they made a domestic disturbance call. They got to the apartment, and it was apparent that the man was brutalizing his wife inside. So, they broke through the door, and my dad's partner got killed in the fire fight.  The name of the song is: I'll Always Come Home To You. My thanks to Paul Popa for accompanying me.

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