Thursday, June 28, 2018

Oswald was abundantly photographed after his arrest. Few pictures of him were taken at the theater, but after that, at the PD, there was a torrent of pictures taken, both on Friday and Saturday. I doubt that any criminal detainee ever got photographed more. 

So, the idea that the press needed to get a picture of him being walked 30 feet to a car and driven off, and that they would set up huge cameras and lights in a garage to do that, is preposterous. 


Now, I don't say that the ones actually doing it knew it ahead of time. They did what they were told. But, the plotters (LBJ and his people) definitely wanted to capture the shooting and show it to the public. Why? Because if they didn't, if they just said that Oswald was shot by an intruder, many wouldn't believe it. Suspicions would have risen immediately that the State killed him, and they would have persisted. So, it was a matter of providing false evidence of a phony shooting in which he was shot for real afterwards. 

The Sixth Floor Museum did a reenactment of the Oswald shooting, and you should see the lights they brought in. You'd think it was a football stadium. Gary Mack actually made the claim that the reason Leavelle and Graves didn't turn and look at "Ruby" as he rushed in (Leavelle claimed that he did, but the films show that he didn't) is because they were blinded by the lights. But, we know very well that it isn't true because you only have to watch any of the films to see that it wasn't that bright. 

In the WFAA film, this is how dark it was in the garage when Oswald was brought out.

The whole idea of staging such a spectacle to walk Oswald 30 feet to a car is ridiculous on the face of it. Listen to me: it was all a dog and pony show. It was a made-for-television extravaganza. Nobody would do such a thing. Remember; they were in frantic mode that somebody was going to try to hurt Oswald. That very morning they were saying on the radio how concerned police were and how much danger Oswald was in. It was like they had a premonition it was going to happen. If they were that worried, why didn't they just move Oswald in the middle of the night without any fanfare or announcement? They could have just informed the press afterwards. And if there were any complaints about it, there is a response for that: Go fuck yourself! The whole idea that the press was entitled to be there when Oswald was put into a car is ridiculous. It's absurd. THIS WAS THE SHOWCASING OF OSWALD'S MURDER. Don't you get it? It's not that hard to see. It's not hard at all.    

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