Sunday, June 10, 2018

Drew Brinsky did a two-week tour of Iran and came back with a video which answers the question, Is Iran Safe?

Watch his video:

There is a Iranian man who has been working for me for 23 years. He is my driver. He goes to the airport and picks up my guests and returns them afterwards. And you never met a nicer guy in all the world. And he's been telling me for years that if I ever went to Iran I would realize that it is nothing like what the media and government say. 

Our media and government in this country are insane. They enjoy having enemies. They thrive on having enemies. They're not content unless they have enemies and crises with these enemies.  

Iran is not a threat to anybody. Iran has never attacked another country. There isn't a speck of evidence that Iran has ever carried out a terrorist act. And all this bellicose talk about Iran by Trump and his paranoid National Security Adviser John Bolton is insane. How could you appoint him, Donald? Don't you know he's the snake in the swamp?  You were supposed to drain it. 

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