Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We've got these two images of the view through the glass of the door to the Homicide Bureau, but why the discrepancies between them? 

It's the same door and the same view because enough matches between the two. But, they don't match perfectly, and that's the problem. 

In the top picture, we see the small typewriter table on the right, and it is snug up against the table with two phones.

You see the typewriter on its table. Then next to it and snug with it, you see the table that's slightly higher, and it has two phones. But, here's how it looks in the other:

If there was a table there snug to the typewriter table, we'd see it. 

So, did they move the other table? It seems odd and unlikely that they would do that.

Here's another picture of it, and it turns out that there were 4 phones on that table.

4 phones? What, were they having a telethon? Support the Dallas Police Benevolence Society. Detectives are waiting to take your call. 

And I want you to notice that the first two pictures show the same guy at the desk on the phone, except in one, he's talking on the phone on his desk, and in the other, he's talking on one of the phones on the telethon table.

So, he was a busy guy working those phones. And then, there is this other picture in which a woman is sitting at the same desk.

Wait a second. Look at the typewriter table now.

Now, there's no phone, instead, there's what? A wrap of typewriter paper? Or is that a phone book? And look at the typewriter. Compare:

Is that the same typewriter? Is it the same table?

How come there is a fan in the corner in this picture?

 but not in this picture?
What, did they have an art department? A production designer? Like on a movie set? Weird shit here. Weird shit. 

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