Sunday, June 10, 2018

In this image of Jack Ruby, somebody took a felt-tip pen and enhanced his hair front and center, leaving an extreme color and tonal contrast between top and sides.

You can even see exactly how far they went, where the divide is.

Of course, you don't see that abrupt color change in other images of him. Yup, somebody took out their Sharpie. But, what amazes me is how universal the practice was of doctoring Ruby's hair, that it was media-wide. 

This was an AP photo taken by Ferd Kaufman. I found Ferd's obituary. Unlike James Bookhout's, his included a picture. And this is what it says: 

"The Associated Press hired Ferd in 1957. In his twenty year AP career, he photographed eight presidents, primarily Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. When asked what his most memorable assignment was, he responded, 'The four dark days of the assassination of President Kennedy and the events thereafter.' " 

So, this was one of the events thereafter, when Jack Ruby was being returned to jail after a psychiatric visit in January 1964.

But, it's hardly surprising that an AP photo would get altered. After all, James Altgens was an AP photographer too. 

They wanted to always show Jack Ruby with hair because the Garage Shooter had so much of it. It was even curling up at the bottom, as seen in the Jackson photo, and not from  putting off getting a haircut because his neck was razored clean. He just had long hair. In the Jackson photo, it looks like a mop, or dare I say, a toupee'.  As if Jack Ruby had hair like this: 

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