Thursday, June 21, 2018

From Denis Morrissette's own website,, there is a copy of the Johnston photo without the tie pin.

But, that dastard bastard Brian Pete had the nerve to accuse me of altering the photo. Here's the link to Denis' site:

Alright, so now the Punk knows that I didn't alter the photo, even though he accused me of it. So, does he say he was wrong? Does he remove it from his page? No. He's still got it there that I altered the photo. It shows you what kind of person he is and that he has no regard for the truth. He spits on Kennedy every time he opens his mouth. 

However I did have to correct something myself:

"Keep in mind that putting the pin in or taking it out would have been easy as pie- then or now. So, which was it? They had to do one or the other because there is only one Johnston photo. I suspect they put it in to match the one at the hospital."

Alright, so that takes care of that. But, how about that shiny metal buckle? What makes it gleam so? Brownian motion, you think? 

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