Sunday, June 24, 2018

Why all these kids hanging around Parkland Hospital on November 24, 1963? I could understand reporters being there because Oswald got shot. But, who would bring kids to that?

Here's another frame. That one kid is smiling.  Say cheese. 

Look how short Hardin's hair is. It's practically a crew cut. But, not Fat Face. His hair is obviously NOT a crew cut. They're supposed to be the same guy/same day. 
We've got kids galore. Here's a kid in a t-shirt.

It must have been warm, huh? Let's find out. Turning to the Weather Underground:

It only hit a high that day of 55 degrees. And by the way, I checked for November 22, and it said 69 degrees, which sounds about right. It is comparable to other reports. 

So, the other must be right too. And, it cooled off considerably. So, how is that kid standing out there in just a t-shirt when it was 55 degrees or cooler? Typically, the hottest part of the day isn't 11:30 in the morning; it's about 3:00 in the afternoon. So, the temperature was undoubtedly less than 55 degrees. Yet, there's the kid looking fine and dandy in just his t-shirt. And at the hospital, of all places. 

So, this was a reenactment. You see Harding changing the sheets on the stretcher, which he wouldn't do at the hospital since he didn't work for the hospital. He worked for the O'Neill Funeral Home, and it was their stretcher. They provisioned it, not the hospital. And you notice that you don't see his assistant Harold Wolfe? What happened to him? Well apparently, they couldn't get him for the reenactment. He was unwilling. And then he went on to commit suicide. You buying that? 

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