Monday, June 18, 2018

To those who think Jack Ruby planned to shoot Oswald but showed up 1 hour and 20 minutes late, on the basis that Dallas Police tipped him off to the right time, you have some explaining to do.

How could Jim Levealle trust Jack Ruby to shoot straight? Leavelle was on the other side of Oswald but in the direct path of the bullet. The only thing between him and that bullet was the skinny body of Lee Oswald. So, how could Jim Leavelle trust this wacky nightclub owner to shoot Oswald and not him?

Then, how could all of the Dallas Police trust Jack Ruby to keep his mouth shut afterwards? They all testified against him in court, calling him a homosexual- and more.  And remember that the prosecution was seeking the death penalty. It's amazing because the same prosecutor, Henry Wade, had said that he was going to seek the death penalty against Oswald. SO, HE WAS GOING TO PUT TO DEATH THE GUY THAT HE INTENDED TO PUT TO DEATH?  That's amazing. "God damn it! I was supposed to kill him! Not you!"

So, how could there have been any collaboration between Jack Ruby and the Dallas Police when the Dallas Police were trying to put Jack Ruby to death?

And since there could not have been any collaboration between the Dallas Police and Jack Ruby, how did Ruby show up 1 hour and 20 minutes late to the killing that he intended to do?

Don't you get it? The Jack Ruby-did-it scenario does not hold up to scrutiny. If Jack Ruby were going to shoot Oswald, he would have showed up on time. Plus, he would not have brought his dog along.   

How hard is it to figure out: "I want to kill Oswald. Oswald is going to be moved at 10 AM. So, I better show up before 10 AM so I can kill him."

Jack Ruby was a sucker. He was a fall guy. He was, in Oswald's word, a patsy. But, he was so lame-brained, and they knew he was lame-brained, that they figured they could tell him that he shot Oswald, and he would believe them. That is exactly what happened.

You can't understand the JFK assassination without realizing that Jack Ruby was innocent. You are completely and totally in the dark unless you realize that Jack Ruby was innocent. Jack Ruby innocence is the brave new world of the JFK assassination. Don't fear it. Embrace it. Make it your own. Without it, you are lost.  


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