Sunday, June 17, 2018

There are no images of the real Lee Harvey Oswald at Parkland Hospital. None. The few we have are all fake.  Including this one:

That is NOT Oswald. Oswald's doctors said that when he arrived, he had zero blood pressure and 80% of the blood in his body was exsanguinated,  meaning lost from his circulatory system. And it's easy to understand why, since both his aorta and his vena cava were ruptured. And they said that his heart was beating so feebly, it was hard to tell if it was beating at all. He was extremely close to death, and probably past the point of being savable. But, if you look at this guy above, he's not in bad condition at all. He's making a fist with his right hand. He's clasping the detective's hand with his left hand. And his color is fine. He looks as bronzed as anyone else. The real Oswald must have looked ghastly white at that point. And that's why they didn't want to show him to us. I think they were afraid that it would generate sympathy for him, that this could happen to him while he was in police custody and under police protection. 

Notice in this picture that Detective Graves on the right is wearing a belt with a hollow buckle. Well, on November 24, when he led Oswald out, he was wearing a belt with a military buckle- with a solid piece of metal. Look at him on the left, the inserted image.

The image of Graves on the left is from the Johnston photo, the third must famous photo from the garage, after the Jackson photo and the Beers photo. 

Now, Graves certainly didn't change his belt that day. The Parkland picture must have been taken on a different day. It was a recreation. And the guy lying on the stretcher can't be Oswald because Oswald was dead. Oswald did die on November 24. 

So, they didn't show us Oswald at Parkland Hospital. They never have, and they never will. 

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