Thursday, June 7, 2018

We are approaching the 57th anniversary of the murder of Marilyn Monroe. And I hope you know that there isn't a sliver of a shadow of a doubt that she was murdered. They found so much barbituate in her system, that she would have had to swallow over 50 pills and/or capsules to ingest that much, but no residues from pills and capsules were found in her digestive tract. Plus, there was no water and not even a glass in her room. Plus, one of the drugs, chloral hydrate leaves a distinctive yellow streaking in the digestive tract, which she didn't have. So, the assumption is that this massive, fatal overdose was administered by enema.
So, who killed Marilyn Monroe? Often, we hear that the Mafia did it. But, stop and think: they say the same thing about JFK. Isn't that what the government spewed in 1979 with the HSCA? Yes, it is. And don't you get it? Saying that the Mafia did it was just a way of deflecting blame. When they left the spot of Oswald being responsible as the sole and lone gunman, the Mafia became the fail-safe alternative. To say that was safe harbor.
And it was exactly the same with Marilyn Monroe. Saying that the Mafia killed her was just a way of deflecting the light from the real killer. The Mafia had no reason to kill Marilyn Monroe. She wasn't threatening them with anything. She was threatening the Kennedys. So, who was the real killer?
Well, the Kennedys do make the short list of contenders. There is no doubt that Robert Kennedy was there arguing with her in her house the night she died, and there is no doubt that he lied when he denied it. Officially, he was in San Jose with his family on a vacation at a friend's estate, but it was only a 30 minute plane ride from San Jose to Santa Monica, and then a short ride to her house. Multiple witnesses heard him and saw him. And let's face it: the voice of Robert Kennedy, with that strong Boston accent of his, was not hard to recognize.
There are so many times that eye-witness testimonies are wrong that we should be wary. But, one of the witnesses in this case, was a police officer who pulled over the actor Peter Lawford for speeding that night, and in the back of his car was his brother-in-law Robert Kennedy- and that was reported by the cop. And yet, Robert Kennedy denied being there at all.
Plus, the neighbors, who overheard the arguing, said that it sounded like him, and what they were arguing about was a book, a handwritten diary of hers that he wanted her to turn over to him but which she refused to do. So, it wasn't just the sound of his voice, his accent, but the context and the content of what they were talking about.
So, who is the other candidate besides the Kennedys? It's J. Edgar Hoover. Why would he want Marilyn Monroe dead? It's because he knew all about JFK's and Bobby's affairs with her. He was trailing JFK back when he was having affairs before World War 2. Hoover was concerned when he was having an affair with this attractive blond German attache' in the 1930s. And remember, Hoover and the Kennedys were enemies, and Hoover did what he always did: he collected dirt on his enemies.
So, it is doubtful that Robert Kennedy went anywhere without Hoover knowing about it. Hoover probably had listening devices in Marilyn Monroe's house. He may have heard their arguing better than the neighbors did. And when he learned about her little black book of secrets, he must have figured that his name featured prominently in it. Because: the Kennedys had stuff on him too. They knew he was gay, for instance.
Would Hoover have killed her for the Kennedys? To save them? I can't imagine why. He wasn't going to shed any tears if they faced ruin because of this scandal. I presume he would have enjoyed it.
But, he didn't want to face ruin over it. He may have decided that very night, "That's it. Kill her."
I don't see there being any other contenders. The Kennedys were already on the outs with the Mafia because of Robert Kennedy's Justice Department investigations. So, they weren't going to help them by killing Marilyn Monroe. And, she wasn't threatening to reveal anything about the Mafia.
And then, think about this: As soon as the story broke, the whole mainstream media went into lockdown to support the official story of suicide. How could the Mafia get the whole mainstream media to do that? They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't.
And frankly, I'm not sure the Kennedys had the power to put the whole mainstream media on lockdown to support the official story of suicide either. Do you realize how fast it happened? How immediate it was? How no newspaper or magazine gave the tiniest hint of a suggestion that she was murdered? How could the Kennedys have accomplished that? But, Hoover could DEFINITELY accomplish it. He accomplished it after the JFK assassination. And you know how well he accomplished it.
In fact, I think of the Marilyn Monroe assassination (the first of the 1960s assassinations) as a test run or you might say a dry run for the upcoming JFK assassination. It's where they tested the media to see if they could spew the spew without a hiccup.
So, my conclusion is that J.Edgar Hoover is the one who ordered the hit on Marilyn Monroe. But, I think it's fair to ask: am I biased? Since the only other candidate are the Kennedy brothers, am I am being unduly influenced by my desire not to hold them responsible? And I'll admit that I would rather not think of them as murderers. But, because of the fascist-like media response which was so consistent, so uniform, and so totally homogenized, I have to think that Hoover was behind her death. It took a top-down hierarchy to control the media response to her death with absolute precision, and the Kennedys had no such control.
The FBI of J. Edgar Hoover was a criminal organization. They had no respect for the law. They did whatever they wanted, which is to say, whatever Hoover wanted. And, I would like to think that it isn't that way today, or at least that it isn't as bad today, that the FBI of today is NOT as corrupt as the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover. I hope I am not being naive.


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