Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Oswald was not allowed to see a lawyer, and he repeatedly complained about it: in the hallway, at the Midnight Press Conference, and before the judge. It's clear that they couldn't go much longer without getting him a lawyer without making it flagrantly obvious that his civil rights were being violated.  But imagine if he had spoken to a lawyer. The lawyer would have asked him if he did it, and Oswald would have said no. Then the lawyer would have asked him where he was during the shooting, and Oswald would have said the doorway. Then, Oswald would have been shown the Altgens photo, and he surely he would have identified himself. But, just as with the Backyard photo, Oswald probably would have recognized that it was altered. And, the lawyer would have asked Oswald whether he ordered or owned the rifle, and Oswald would have said no. Then, the lawyer would have informed him of  the paper trail, and it would have been instantly clear to both of them that false evidence had been concocted.  

It is vitally important to realize that Oswald would have come across as totally credible to his attorney. He would have answered every question without hesitation or restraint. There is no question that would have baffled him. He'd have given straight, plausible answers. And his whole demeanor would have been that of a man wrongly accused. There is simply no doubt that his lawyer would have believed him and emerged from his first meeting with him a strong advocate of his innocence. 

And the plotters knew all that. Why do you think they wouldn't let him see an attorney?  And there would have been no restraint on his attorney from making public statements. Not only would his attorney have realized his innocence, he would also have realized the deep-seated corruption in the case against him- the utter criminality of it. The scandal would have erupted immediately. 

And that is why they could not let Oswald see an attorney. The case against him would have collapsed from the moment he saw an attorney. It would have been the beginning of the end- for the plotters.  

And then what happened? Did Jack Ruby just happen to come along and save the day for them? And the idea that they put Ruby up to shooting Oswald is ridiculous. WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY THREATEN RUBY WITH THAT WAS WORSE THAN WHAT HE GOT? Do you not get it that NOBODY would do that? That nobody, because of a threat, would walk up and shoot a man in a crowd of police where it meant the instant destruction of his entire life? 

And, there is another reason why the idea that Ruby was ordered to kill Oswald makes no sense and is incredibly stupid. And that is: what assurance would they have had that Ruby would keep his mouth shut? Even if he said he would, people are known to change their mind. His family may have fished it out of him; his lawyers may have broke him; or he could just reached the breaking point where he had to tell somebody. How could the plotters sleep at night knowing that Ruby (who, by nature, was a talkaholic) knew their secrets and could unravel the whole plot at any time? If that was the situation, they would have killed Ruby right away. They would never have let him live 3 years. They were never going to take the chance of him spilling the beans. They could never trust him. 

But, it wasn't like that. It was nothing like that. Ruby didn't know  anything. Not a damn thing. He had nothing to do with the JFK assassination. He had nothing to do with Oswald. He never met Oswald. There was nothing he could tell his lawyers, his family, the court, or the press because he didn't know anything. He didn't even know that he shot Oswald. He only believed he did because Dallas Police told him that he did. And even though films were shown in court, nobody looked at them closely enough to recognize that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby. 

You've heard of group-think, but there is also group-stupidity or group-not-think. You could also say group-blindness. Everybody just accepted that Ruby did it. They didn't begin to ask whether he really did. And as a result of their mental complacency, their eyes failed to see what they should have readily seen, that the Garage Shooter was not Jack Ruby. Of course, that was also true of Ruby himself, but Ruby was mentally impaired. The others supposedly were not. But, they fell under the spell of the State.  They lived and functioned in a world that the State defined, where the State said what reality was and what it wasn't. Ruby's lawyers needed to step out of the whole State paradigm, but they couldn't do it. They didn't have the unshackled mind to do it. They were brought up in the same system that we all were. 

Jack Ruby was innocent; completely and totally innocent. For all practical purposes, he was an MK Ultra subject. And who knows how far they went? Perhaps even his extreme devotion to the Dallas Police was something that was programmed into him through hypnotic suggestion. It was extreme, you know. He was like a Dallas Police groupie. And for those who mistakenly keep saying that he was a Mafioso, since when do the Mafia idolize the police? Do you understand how fanatical he was about the Dallas Police?   

Ruby got there early. Earlier than 11:18. They jumped him in the garage. He didn't know why, since he hadn't done anything, hence his pleas, "Why are you doing this? You know me. I'm Jack Ruby. I'm not a criminal." Then they hustled him up to the 5th floor where they told him that he shot Oswald. And that is where he was, up on the 5th floor, when the Garage Spectacle went down a short while later. 

Don't fall under the spell of the State. The open and shut case against Jack Ruby, where millions saw him shoot Oswald on tv, etc., is a fraud. It is mind control, and I mean the control of YOUR mind. Break off the mental shackles. Stop being their Pavlovian dog. Look beneath the veil they put between you and reality; the many veils. 


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