Monday, June 11, 2018

Jack Ruby was a very devout Jew. He was very serious about his religion. Not all Jews are devout, but Jack Ruby was. I have quite a few Jewish friends, and I wouldn't say any of them are devout. Except one: he's an older man, and two of his sons are rabbis. One teaches at a rabbinical school. And he himself does lengthy praying and reading from the Torah every morning. I know that because he has stayed with me, and that's what he does in the morning- every morning. And the Jewish religion teaches, every bit as much as the Christian religion and probably more, that it is wrong to kill. It's another reason why Jack Ruby could not have done it; why he could not have killed Oswald. He certainly didn't plan to do it. If he planned to do it, he would have showed up on time, and the only time ever given was 10 AM. But, the idea that he did it impulsively or compulsively makes no sense either when you consider how religious he was. But, the ridiculous stories about him include that he was a "Mafia hit man" who killed all the time. It's all nonsense. It's all fiction. It's all rubbish. Jack Ruby never killed anyone; not before the Oswald assassination, and not after it. And the idea that he was involved in the JFK assassination is equally ridiculous. You just have to listen to him- how incoherent he was, how jumbled his thought processes were- to realize that nobody would have trusted him to do anything in the JFK assassination. Do you really think that LBJ was going to trust him, Jack Ruby? Don't be ridiculous.

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