Thursday, June 21, 2018

This is the photo with the bogus hat and the bogus point to Boyd's shoulder, all to hide the face of James Bookhout. But, what I want you to notice is that Boyd is grabbing Oswald's arm, and what we see are his four fingers. We don't see his thumb at all, and that's not unusual. 

But, in the Johnston photo, we have this weird appearance of Grave's thumb.

What the hell is that?

I said: What the hell is that? What the hell is he doing with his thumb? What is he supposed to be doing with it? It's like he's got the distal digit flexed over the proximal digit, which most people couldn't do if they tried. They could do it if they immobilized the proximal digit with their other hand. But otherwise, they couldn't do that. Try it yourself. Try to duplicate what he appears to be doing there. His thumb looks like a Pez dispenser. There isn't another image like that. It's like his thumb is making a 90 degree angle at the interphalangeal joint. 

Look: that can't be done because there is one flexor tendon that flexes both bones together. So, when the flexor muscle contracts, it pulls them both over. Again, try it yourself. Hold your thumb up and see if you can flex just the top joint. You can't do it. The whole thumb wants to flex as a unit. You can only do it if you lock your hand around the lower digit so that it can't move, and then you 
can bend the other one alone. But otherwise, you can't do it. 

Even if you were going to get your hand all the way around so that your thumb came to, unlike Boyd, it would look like this:

So, we have that, which is real. And we have this which is JFK assassination:


JFK assassination:
JFK assassination:
Photo-evil. That's what it is.  Here is how it looks in The Mirror.

Now, that is just plain weird, and it is also impossible. People see weird stuff like this in JFK assassination photos, and they don't ask about it. Why? Because they are good little minions of the Fascist State. And some guys get paid good money to stomp around the internet in their jack boots. They'd like to cram this shit down our throats. Here's how it looks with the hand all the way through.

You see. There's no Pez dispenser. 

This is Marilyn Monroe with her lawyer when she divorced Joe DiMaggio. 

That's doable. This isn't:

This one is practical:

I don't have any problem with that.

Even Fred and Ginger, and I could watch them dance every day for the rest of my life and get a thrill every time, showed us how it's done. 

It's not like this:

This kind of shit only happens in the JFK world, and I tell you that the evil that lurked on November 22 and November 24, 1963 still lurks in our world today, that the heirs of these killers are still covering for them today, gunning down Kennedy and Oswald with every breath they take.  Oh, but for the evil then, and the evil now. 

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