Monday, June 18, 2018

The people who think that Jack Ruby was neck-deep in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy are being not just childish, but babyish. And the same goes for those who think that the Dallas Police collaborated with Ruby to kill Oswald, that they tipped him off as to the time, etc. If it were true, THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO KILL RUBY IMMEDIATELY. 

How could they trust Ruby to keep his mouth shut when they were prosecuting him for murder and seeking the death penalty? They wanted to put him to death. You get that, don't you? And if Ruby revealed what he knew about what really happened, it would have changed everything. You realize that too, don't you? And even if you think he knew all that but just didn't care, that he was ready and willing to die for them, for whatever insane reason your mind has conjured up, how could the others trust him? How could they depend on him to keep his mouth shut? 

They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. They would have had to kill him immediately. But, they didn't kill him immediately. They let him live for 3 years. They didn't kill him until he won a new trial. So, why did they kill him then? It's because a new trial would have been far more risky the second time around- for them. His legal team would have learned from their mistakes the first time. And what if they took a closer look at the films and saw that it wasn't him? They just weren't willing to take the chance and go through it all again. As soon as he won that retrial, he was a dead man. Enough was enough. They wanted to put it to bed, and they did.

All this talk about Ruby being involved with Oswald, meeting him at the safe house etc., it's childish. It's childish nonsense. They would have had to kill him immediately. How can you trust a guy to keep his mouth shut when you are prosecuting him for murder and seeking the death penalty? We're talking about death; the thing people dread most in life and try hardest to avoid. The whole idea in life is to stay alive. So, why wouldn't he use what he knew to save his life? 

It would have been different if the plan was that he kill Oswald, and then they smuggle him out of the country. But, that wasn't the plan. The plan was that he kill Oswald and then face the electric chair. How can you trust a guy in that situation? You can't. So, you just kill him. 

Jack Ruby didn't know anything, and he wasn't involved in any conspiracy- with anybody about anything.  He NEVER met Oswald. He didn't know anything about any safe houses. He was not in Dealey Plaza during the JFK assassination. He was in the Dallas Morning News building tending to his ads, just as he claimed. And witnesses who claimed to see Ruby in Dealey Plaza or with Oswald or with E. Howard Hunt, as one claim goes, were wrong, although they may have seen a Ruby double. But, they definitely weren't seeing the real Jack Ruby. The real Jack Ruby just ran his nightclubs, and it was plenty enough to keep him busy. He wasn't involved in any of that other stuff. He really did like and admire President Kennedy and would never have dreamed of hurting a hair on his head, let alone killing him. That Jack Ruby had it in him to do such a thing as kill him is preposterous. You apparently don't get the guy. He was childlike! 

Jack Ruby lived for 3 years precisely because he didn't know a  damn thing. 

Don't you get it? The alternate story for Jack Ruby was written before the killing went down so that suspicious people like you and me would have something to preoccupy ourselves with.  Jack Ruby the gun runner. Jack Ruby the Mafia hit man. Jack Ruby the pimp. Jack Ruby the guy who threw people down stairs. It was the lore that they wrote so that the doubters could be safely corralled and contained in a safe mental place. It kept them far away from the truth, that Jack Ruby was completely and totally innocent. 

Jack Ruby was innocent. And whatever reasons you have for resisting it, you need to look deep down in your soul and find out why you are fighting it. It is the most important fact about the JFK assassination that there is, after the fact that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting. 

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